Free Race Series- Race 1

The day started with blue skies, puffy white clouds scudding across the sky, and the wind around 20 knots in exactly the right direction. It was even reasonably warmish. Some we’re already rigging by 10am and over the next half hour more rolled up, until we had enough for a GPS race.

In spite of the considerable amount of new gear on display, the weather held. The gods were with us. Craig and I fiddled with the race software while sailors got out onto the water for practice runs. The intricacies of system were sorted out after a phone call to Doug, and after a walk some distance down the beach, Craig raised the big green flag and the race was under way. This was a GPS race, so it was a matter of keeping up the highest speed for the longest time. The wind was surprisingly gusty, so at times was hard work in keeping control. It messed up quite a few of my gybes – or at least that was my excuse. It was also quite choppy in places, with little white caps all over.

The race ended and we all came in to register our times over lunch. After that, most people were keen to just get out and enjoy the rising wind – and so they did. The afternoon saw the wind pick up considerably, with all the sailors out, and some now overpowered. Then the blue sky disappeared, the clouds lowered, came in faster, then  came a strong weather front. A short while later another front came in – this time with cold, blasting winds, and finally, hail. The gods had changed their minds. Sailing in hail is a bit painful, so those who had made it in time were sheltering on the beach.

Overall, a great day’s sailing, though. Sandy Point really turned it on for us, with a bit of a wild finish to keep it interesting.

Results – Congratulations Craig Spottiswood:

G Speed Sailor Name
C 19.228 Spotty
C 19.104 Jerry
C 17.612 Peter
C 17.136 Roy W
C 16.868 Ido
C 16.51 RobbieK
C 16.488 Daffy
C 13.7 Martin L

Weather Will Never Worry the Women on Windsurfers!

Women Windsurfers’ Event: Confessions of the Event Organisers

It was raining in Melbourne as Fei and Lou – “the Event organisers” headed towards Inverloch for the Club’s third women’s windsurfing day. Their conversation went something like: “I keep seeing our names as ‘Event Organizers’ but I haven’t done a thing.  Have you?” “No!”

That’s our first confession…

The second was that we both dressed warmly for the day’s activities – including a 5:3 wetsuit. The participants on the other hand, headed into the water in board shorts, rashies and shorties. Were they cold? Who knows, but they stayed in the water all morning and headed back out after lunch. Very impressive especially as the water temperature was warmer than the air!

And there were lots of participants- 25 in all – including a young contingent headed up by Jessica – who won one of the up and coming awards, as did Alice. Big thanks to Wendy Jepsen’s shop- Bayview Trading for donating those prizes.


The real event organisers – made up of the IWC Committee and a few dedicated helpers, got everything set up – and participants out on the water in no time. A huge thank you to all of them, and many more who helped, including young guns Josh and Jayden.

The biggest thank you of all goes to the participants who turned up on a less than sunny Autumn morning, many driving from Melbourne, and some, like Emily, came from as far as Yea.  It was great to see so many new faces, and hopefully it won’t be the last time we see those faces on the water!

Finally a very warm thank you to Tash Worner.

What Tash can do with nuttelex and icing sugar is amazing and thats before you add the apple cider vinegar! Or was that lemonade? Whatever the recipe, Tash prepared a wonderful lunch and helped by Sue Smith delivered it with a level of service that McDonalds can only dream of. A very big thank you to Tash whose kitchen most definitely rules!

A successful day all round, with perfect conditions on the inlet – thank you for to IWC for organising that!

The club’s equipment was ideal and thanks to the numerous hands that rigged up gear and got it down to the beach.
Once again, carrying  equipment to and from the shore wasn’t a task of  the “Event Organisers” – another confession!


Lou Bricknell

Southerly Busters GPSTC 2014 Round Up

Well another year has come & gone and we find ourselves suddenly at the end of the holiday period…. but hopefully at the start of a windy period!!

We’ve all seen on Bookface that all the other teams have done an annual summary of of their GPS Team Challenge (GPSTC) team results, so I thought why not us too.  It takes a team that is committed, dedicated and persistent to strive to the lofty heights of a 2014 ranking of…..  FIRST in Australia (of the bottom third of 27 teams) – so 19th 😛

As a team we’ve had a bit of everything this year.  Floating around in no wind, huddling under the angling club roof as hail comes in sideways, road trips to the golden lake, having to put up with our western colleagues from Connewarre, pretending that we’re interested in the technical mast bend curve & fin garble from the too serious ‘I-only-sail-if-its-30-knots’ Pit Crew mixed with the odd bit of banter with the bonno guys, laughing at the massive catapults as we negotiate our shifting sand bars… and all the while still managing to get the right balance of work with mid week sailing – so thats mainly sailing 😀

The Southerly Busters welcomed a number of new team members this year:

  • Postie Pete (Tiges);
  • Kempster;
  • Frank; and,
  • Geoff.

And had a few off the water too long with long term injuries – Mick, Simmo & Tony. It’s good to see them all starting to get back on the water now

As far as our team individual rankings for 2014 go, they are as follows:

In a team like ours a more important category which isn’t captured through a ranking table like above, is the progression and development of our sailors.  Over a couple of beers at Casa Del Jeppo at the start of the year (or maybe the year before) –  some time ago anyway, Daz & I discussed that something that should be strived for is 50% representation of current year results in your ‘top 5’s’ GPS results summary.  For those that don’t quite understand this, let me try and explain.  The GPSTC is made up of 6 categories – 2 second peak speed, 5 x 10sec ave speed, Alpha 500, Nautical Mile, 1 Hr average & Distance.  For each individual, the website stores that persons Top 5 results under each category.  So we thought a good measure of your development as a sailor would be to get 50% (15 out of 30) representation from the current year in your Top 5’s across all categories.

Based on this I am making an executive decision and am awarding a new award of ‘Southerly Busters 2014 Most Improved Sailor’ based on this measurement.  Of our 24 current sailors in our team, 4 joined throughout 2014 & 2 didn’t sail so are not eligible as it stands.  Of the remaining 18 sailors – 9 made the cut with 15 or more of their 30 Top 5’s being posted in 2014.  They are Harry, Daz, Joel, Pete Naz, Doug, Rob, Roy, Stelios & Tim – well done people.  In order, I am pleased to announce that the Southerly Busters most improved sailor’s are……

  1. Roy – 26/30
  2. Joel – 23/30
  3. Pete Naz – 22/30
  4. Robbie – 19/30
  5. Stelios – 18/30
    Harry – 18/30
  6. Tim – 17/30
  7. Doug – 15/30
    Daz – 15/30

Following is a slideshow of each of our 2014 Southerly Busters sailors Top 5 results:

Well done to all on a great years sailing.  Getting 50% Top 5’s gets harder each year so its a great measurement of your progression.

If you’re interested in joining IWC’s GPS team feel free to chat to me on the beach or shoot me an email – or anyone else in the team will be able to provide info as well.

Cheers and i hope you all get some great sailing in for 2015.

Dan (Stan :D)

Discover Windsurfing Weekend

Wow1  What a turn out!

Over 130 people came down to the Angling Club over the weekend and had a go at Windsurfing….and its fair to say that more than a few left totally hooked!

A fantastic two days of fun, wind, waves and laughter

Thanks to Yachting Victoria for the showbags and SHQ Boardsports for providing a truckload full of Wind/ SUP equipment.


Special thanks needs to go to our stellar coaches- Josh, Joel, Roy, Pete, Dan, Simon and Fei, as well as our on beach crew- Pete Naz, Doug, and Rob. Finally, extra special thanks must go to Tash- who ran the tent like a military operation!

On Sunday, seeing the carpark full of vehicles with boards on the roof, then walking over the dune to see over 20 sails on the water made me extremely proud of what the club has achieved and how it carries itself.

Awesome effort!


Discover Windsurfing 10th and 11th January


Article in Sentinel Times- Tourism Lift Out 30/12/2014

Anderson Inlet Angling Club carpark 10 – 4 pm Saturday 10th January and Sunday 11th January

In conjunction with Yachting Australia and SHQ Boardsports, our club coaches will be providing tuition to introduce people to this addictive sport.

A great time to introduce your friends to the stoke of windsurfing

The club will be providing its fleet of beginner windsurfers for teaching and SHQ will be bringing down a range of demonstration boards for all to try.  The equipment they are expecting to bring is listed below.
JP 2013 Funster 180 windsurf board
Tabou 2014 Rocket 125 CED windsurf board
JP 2014 Magic Ride 118 PRO windsurf board
JP 2015 All Ride 106L FWS complete with straps and fins
JP 2014 Freestyle Wave 93 PRO windsurf board
JP 2015 Radical Quad 94L PRO complete with straps and fins
Neil Pryde 2014 Hellcat 6.7 windsurf sail
Gaastra 2014 Matrix 6.0 windsurf sail
NeilPryde 2014 Fusion 5.5 windsurf sail
NeilPryde 2014 Atlas 5.4 windsurf sail
NeilPryde 2015 Combat 5.0
NeilPryde 2015 Combat HD 4.5
NeilPryde Experience 4.5 windsurf sail and rig complete
NeilPryde 2013 Dragonfly 2.5

15 SUP boards, all of which are also suitable for windsurfing.

JP 2015 Surf 9’6″ x 31″ PRO SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Surf Wide Body 9’3″ x 32″ PRO SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 8’5″ x 31″ PRO SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 9’8″ x 31″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 10’2″ x 32″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 10’8″ x 34″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Allround 10’6” x 31” WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Venus 10’6″ x 31″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Wide Body 10’0″ x 33.5″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Wide Body 10’2″ x 35″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Hybrid 11’6″ x 32″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Sportster Touring 12’0″ x 30″ Carbon SUP with JP board bag
Imagine 2015 Icon 10’2″ x 32″ GC SUP board
Imagine 2015 Icon 10’2″ x 32″ WC SUP board
Imagine 2015 Crossover 10’6″ x 30″ Siren WC SUP board
Imagine 2015 Mission 12’6″ WC SUP board

And so it begins

IWC kicked off in style.

A nice breeze and a bit of sunshine greeted us for our Annual General Meeting and the official start of the season.  The official part of the day involved voting in the Office Bearer positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

These positions were filled as follows:

President:  Mick Green
Vice President:  Dan Poynton
Treasurer:  Rob Kenyon
Secretary:  Roy Worner

The new committee will be created over the next few weeks.  More information on Club activities and events will follow soon after….so stay tuned.

We would like to thank Craig “Kato” Hollins for his role as president in the 2013-2014 season..Craig has a few interesting windsurfing projects coming up- which Im sure we will hear a lot about, and become involved in!

It was great to see some new faces, some of who had travelled up from Melbourne to see what the fuss is all about.  Hopefully they weren’t disappointed.




AGM – Notice of Meeting

SPECIAL NOTICE – As part of our requirements as an incorporation, we are to hold our next Annual General Meeting, on Sunday 19th October 2014. At this meeting all positions of committee will be declared vacant, and nominations will be asked from those present. Please ensure you are there on the day to be a part of this meeting, to be able to cast your vote and maybe even to accept a nomination for a position.
I’m also hoping the Presidential Wind Guarantee will be in effect, and I believe the Club BBQ will be running 

2013 Inverloch Speed Invitational

Righto, its on again!!!
Inverloch Speed Invitational FlyerThe Invitational is a weekend-long speed challenge.

This weekend of the 23/24 of November starts at 10.00am meeting at the Inverloch Angling Club.

It is open to all GPSTC sailors, as well as anyone else who’d like to have a go. The sailor who has the highest 5X10 average over the two days of competition wins.

There are three divisions which are all dependant on your current Pb from the GPSTC Comp.

  • Division A: 5 x 10 sec PB >35kts
  • Division B: 5 x 10 sec PB 28-35kts
  • Division C: 5 x 10 sec PB <28kts

Not in GPSTC then this is your chance to try GPS Speed sailing in the Come’n’Try division with one of our supplied GT 31s There is also the ‘Nearest to Pin’. Competitors will be asked to guess before competition an estimate 5 x 10 sec average for over the weekend, and the competitor that is closest to this will be deemed the winner.

There will be a social event on Saturday night (23rd) which will include dinner and entertainment as well as the notification of the anonymous top 5 postings of that day’s competition. We hope to have some of our International Speed Sailors fresh from competing in Luderitz joining us.

Cost to enter

  • IWC Member-$25
  • Non IWC Member-$35
  • Special Deal..become a member and race-$65

All competitors are welcome and covered by YA liability insurance

All members of AWA can compete as non IWC Members

Inverloch and Anderson inlet has all the makings of a classic windsurfing venue. The waters of Anderson Inlet can provide fantastic bump’n’jump, freeride blasting and speed sailing, depending on a variety of weather and tidal conditions. The surf beach and mouth of the inlet offers some great intermediate wave sailing opportunities as well. There are a range of accommodation packages available.

Download the Event Guide here:







Download the Notice of Race Here: