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Here we go! Brass Monkeys is back!

Only a few days before the Winter Weirdness begins! Which location will unlock the secret formula? Who is already sussing out some Alpine waterways? Will Daz throw it all away AGAIN?   All these questions will be answered by the time Spring arrives... This year there's some major changes....mainly the introduction of a Victorian trophy for all GPS speed teams Check out th...
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Great Weekend at the Inveroch Speed Invitational

Event Wrap The Inverloch Speed Invitational is the only semi-serious competition that the Inverloch Windsurfing Club host's throughout the season, and this year with my 'wind guarantee' coming to fruition we should really remove the word semi. The competition on the water was ferocious. The Inverloch Speed Invitational is a 2 day speed windsurfing competition, with competitors registering th...
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Mentor Day- 27/11/2011

Well there was concern in the camp as we may have had to cancel due to toooo much wind especially for the beginners. A few of the coaches camped Saturday night and there was mummurings of a Dawn Raid on the Pit with a 20 kt WSW but you would not believe it that the PIT Crew members Kato and Pete pull out...  Some would say soft!   However they were all up to taking full advantage of low tide on th...
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IWC/ RPS Beginner Day- 23/10

A fantastic day was had by all despite the lack of wind. Big thanks has got to go to RPS and Naish for providing us with a look at the 2012 gear. Warwick and Brendan and helpers did a great job of setting up and talking to us about the latest gear and giving us a crack on it. Pity that Naish awning had to go back. It looked real good in the back of Drift's Van! Big thanks to Dan and Simon for...
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Road Trip to Swan Bay

12 brave souls ventured out early Sunday morning to crack the ice on Swan Bay under the guise of an away game for the Brass Monkeys competition. The excitement was building all week, especially amongst the two new Dads - Pete and George who had generously been given leave passes from their two week old newborns. Be careful boys I can see this coming back to haunt you. Our wives have very long m...
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News Flash- Inverloch Speed Invitational

Registrations Open for the Inverloch Speed Invitational- 28-29th May A new event on the calendar! The Invitational is a weekend-long speed challenge. It is open to all GPSTC sailors, as well as anyone else who'd like to have a go. Thanks to The Inverloch Tourism Association, cash prizes are on offer for the sailors who have the highest 5X10 average over the two days of competition. Prize...
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