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Click above to join Australia’s largest Windsurfing Club!

Inverloch Windsurfing Club was established in 2009 and aims to bring windsurfers of all ages and abilities together through recreational and social activities based around Inverloch, Victoria.  The majority of our members are Melbourne based but enjoy the pristine waters of Inverloch.  The Club has over 220 members from all over the state, with some members from Queensland and even New Caledonia!


From the 1st July, the Club has organised two levels of membership-

A PAID UP membership can be  Single, Junior or Family (up to 4 members)
PAID UP Members are  entitled to attend the “Training Days” (3 – 4 per year) and “Mentor Days”(1 per Year) at no charge.  Members receive all club communications and become an affiliated member of Yachting Victoria.  The benefits of YV affiliation include personal accident insurance-  (details of which are outlined at http://www.masterman.com.au/yachting-insurance/personal-injury-yachting-australia-members-insurance/ )

Membership Fees (Annual)
Single- $37
Junior- $27
Family 0f 4-  $90
Family of 6- $118

If you’d like to join up as a PAID UP member:
1. Please register at the Tidyclub IWC Membership Gateway.
2. Once you’ve filled in your details, you can then select your Membership Category and Payment Method (if applicable)

A SOCIAL member (Free) will be required to pay $15 per entry to any of the training days or mentor days .  They will receive all club communications.  They will not be entitled to Yachting Victoria membership or any of its benefit.

Social membership:
2. Once registered, you’ll be logged in. Now edit your profile to enter your other details by clicking the tiny “cogwheel” at the top right of the page.
3. After that’s done, send an e-mail to membership@inverlochwindsurf.org.au to request your addition as a Social Member.
You’ll start receiving the regular IWC “Lucky Gust”. If you wish to join the IWC Facebook page, go to the page and send a  Facebook request.