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Time for some Winter maintenance? 2 Comments

To progress in our sport we need to experiment and push ourselves and our equipment. And it happens to us all at some stage that our lovely new(ish) board gets a bit broken from the experience. A ding from a drop on a rock, an Invy sandbar encounter or, as is the case with some of us, a mast through the nose on an untimely catapult. It happens. What to do next? If your skills are a bit like mine in the board building department it is best to seek professional help, after all blu-tack and gaffer tape eventually leak and cause further problems…

Oke men


Many at IWC will attest to the competence of OKE Surfboards in this regards. Personally, I have had a few (many) repairs done to my boards over the seasons. The boys at OKE have always repaired  my boards in a timely and professional way.Their competence extends beyond just surfboards as they used to build and sail their own windsurfers back in the day. I have seen all sorts of watercraft in their factory waiting for repairs. They are easily located at Braeside.

Winter is the perfect time to get some maintenance done on our boards when most of us tend to sail a little less. And if you ask nicely they may even show you their old windsurfers that they designed and built. True crafts-men.

Cheers, Pete Naz



July 6, 2015 at 1:02 pm

Brass Monkey Challenge 2015 No Comments

That time of year is almost upon us, the long awaited 2015 Brass Monkey Challenge.

Don the winter wetsuit, brave the elements and go for the glory of the Monkey Trophy.

Who will be the challengers for 2015? Who will get that lucky gust this year?

What new rules will IWC graft into the equation this winter?

Will Naz be able to take out a new club record, going back-to-back for the third year?


By August 31st all will be answered.

The BMC challenge begins again on June 1st.

Register now to avoid the rush.



May 11, 2015 at 2:12 pm

Sailing Numbers Now a Requirement on Anderson Inlet 5 Comments

EDITOR’S UPDATE- Noon, April 1st, 2015:  
Thanks to those members who responded to the information below.
Please read the instructions carefully, along with the date that this information was posted!

In an Australia wide first, IWC has been asked to participate in a trial of the Registration of Sailing Vessels.
The trial, run in conjunction with Bass Coast Shire, Gippsland Ports and Yachting Australia aims to ensure that individual sailing craft including windsurfers can be identified via an individual prefix and number.  The primary objective of the trial is safety…and the new system will ensure that by law officers and law enforcement agencies can distinguish and identify those which may come to their attention.
The trial will commence on 1 July and will run for a year until April 1, 2016.
All members will be contacted and provided with an Australian Registry of Sailing Entity number.
This number and the prefix ( which uses the first letter from the details underlined above) will need to affixed to every sail, as per the instructions to be provided.

Australian Registry of Sailing Entity
Minimum Height:  400mm
Colour:  Black
Affixed to second panel of sail.
April 1, 2015 at 9:56 am

Weather Will Never Worry the Women on Windsurfers! No Comments

Women Windsurfers’ Event: Confessions of the Event Organisers

It was raining in Melbourne as Fei and Lou – “the Event organisers” headed towards Inverloch for the Club’s third women’s windsurfing day. Their conversation went something like: “I keep seeing our names as ‘Event Organizers’ but I haven’t done a thing.  Have you?” “No!”

That’s our first confession…

The second was that we both dressed warmly for the day’s activities – including a 5:3 wetsuit. The participants on the other hand, headed into the water in board shorts, rashies and shorties. Were they cold? Who knows, but they stayed in the water all morning and headed back out after lunch. Very impressive especially as the water temperature was warmer than the air!

And there were lots of participants- 25 in all – including a young contingent headed up by Jessica – who won one of the up and coming awards, as did Alice. Big thanks to Wendy Jepsen’s shop- Bayview Trading for donating those prizes.


The real event organisers – made up of the IWC Committee and a few dedicated helpers, got everything set up – and participants out on the water in no time. A huge thank you to all of them, and many more who helped, including young guns Josh and Jayden.

The biggest thank you of all goes to the participants who turned up on a less than sunny Autumn morning, many driving from Melbourne, and some, like Emily, came from as far as Yea.  It was great to see so many new faces, and hopefully it won’t be the last time we see those faces on the water!

Finally a very warm thank you to Tash Worner.

What Tash can do with nuttelex and icing sugar is amazing and thats before you add the apple cider vinegar! Or was that lemonade? Whatever the recipe, Tash prepared a wonderful lunch and helped by Sue Smith delivered it with a level of service that McDonalds can only dream of. A very big thank you to Tash whose kitchen most definitely rules!

A successful day all round, with perfect conditions on the inlet – thank you for to IWC for organising that!

The club’s equipment was ideal and thanks to the numerous hands that rigged up gear and got it down to the beach.
Once again, carrying  equipment to and from the shore wasn’t a task of  the “Event Organisers” – another confession!


Lou Bricknell

April 1, 2015 at 9:50 am

Women on Windsurfers No Comments

The annual WOW event is coming up in the next few weeks.  Come along and be part of it!


Link to event flyer:  IWC_WOW_280315

March 12, 2015 at 11:35 am

Not So Instant Messaging! No Comments

Daz and Wendy Jepsen recently did a hike around Cape Liptrap, and in their travels came across an old rum bottle full of messages…So did it contain a pirate’s hidden treasure map or a call for SOS?  Well not quite…

The bottle was thrown overboard from the Spirit of Tasmania a month earlier…in that time it had travelled about 140 kilometres along the coast to end up at a secluded beach near the Cape.


Daz and Wendy made contact via email

“Hello over there!

Darren and Wendy from Inverloch here.

We found your bottle with all your messages. Where did you launch it from? We assume Torquay.

It was January 21, we had set out on a 2-day hike along the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park – quite remote and a very hot day. We found the bottle just past Arch Rock on a secluded beach.

Thought we’d attach a bit of info and a few photos – enjoy!



and here’s the reply…

Hello Darren & Wendy 

 Graham here – I launched it from the Spirit of Tasmania   on Dec 27  2014   at about 12 noon  after leaving from Melbourne  to go to Devenport the weather was very stormy – as I had to battle the wind and rain to through it overboard and not get caught  ( as most likely classified as littering ) 

 We all had just had a family Xmas together and I passed the bottle around and the notes were written 

 To be honest –  I thought that the bottle would be floating around the oceans for many years 

 The Bottle itself I have had for quite some years it was in a cupboard stored in my Motorhome 

Three Monkeys Rum   A absolute 5 star rum !   

 It is a real gem that you found it on your wedding anniversary   – a good Omen 

 I will forward it to all the others …Oh   The one who wrote ” Call me for Sex ” was writen my my 84 year old Dad   – a very funny guy 

 we hope you keep the bottle as a true gift 

 Stay well and enjoy “

Graham J Ablett


In the day and age of instant and targeted media, its great to see some messages that take a bit longer to get through!

See the Messages in a Bottle


February 25, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Road trip anyone?? 1 Comment

New club member David Howe sent this feedback to us after the Cribby In Tuition Clinic…


Hi Doug / All,
Thanks for the fantastic windsurfing session and all the entertainment and food. Guy’s instruction was fantastic and I look forward to the next session !!!

If any of you find yourselves up Ballarat way feel free to get in contact with us and we will help you out location wise. More the merrier.

Below is a map of the area and lakes. Learmonth is out of action right now. Burrumbeet is 12 min out of town.


David Howe

February 11, 2015 at 2:08 pm

Hurricane Cribb has Passed! 2 Comments

Yep – the third time he has run his INtuition @ INverloch and nothing changes.


Guy operates at 150kph and sweeps all in his path like a passing storm.  “Teaching windsurfing and fun times in exotic locations around the world” he flashes his boyish smile “it’s my job, tough gig but hey someone has to do it!”  And do it he does.

He hits the ground running or cycling in this case up to clinic opening at the Angling Club Car Park.

Within 5 minutes he knows everyone’s name and has them listening intently to every word of wisdom he lets out.  Guy has a unique way of teaching with catchy phrases that give meaning to movements with the body, board and sail.  Terms like “The Growler”- I can see and hear past and present clinic guests crouching low emitting a growling noise, Boom Shaka, Drop your guts, Ooh Aah and many more to make the learning process fun and memorable.

Day One

The three wise weather gurus (Guy, Mick and Dan) decide Area 45 Mahers Landing is on.   Guy holds them off the water until lunchtime getting them practising some basic drills and rigging techniques.  You can see they all want to hit the water with the wind up but Guy wanted to arm them with some new moves before he sends them out.  The wind is ESE but uncharacteristic for this spot the wind has considerable holes in it and is gusting from 10 – 20 kts making it a little difficult for the guests.  They all make the most of it and Guy comes in smiling with some good video footage for analysis the next morning.

The club has a surprise for the guests that night with a traditional welcome and smoking from a member of the local indigenous tribe the Boonwurung followed by a spit roast all under the stars at The Rotary Park.


Day Two

Morning starts with Etsuko running a stretching class for all the weary bodies from the day before then off for video analysis at the Jepson’s place.  Again anxious windsurfers as the wind increases through the morning but Guy wants you to practise The Growler yet again, ooh aah, boom shaka and the Twist then you suddenly realise he has given you all the successful moves to complete the illusive Carve Gybe.  You can see the light bulb moment amongst the guests as the master sits back and smiles. He pulls the trigger and lets them hit the water on what will be one of the best clinic days over the three years this event has been running.  Solid SE wind of 15kts with a run of flat water out from the Rotunda down to the Yacht Club.  The sandbar near the Yacht Club forcing the guest to attempt a gybe or do the Inverloch step gybe – get off your board in shallow water, turn it around and get back on – very sophisticated!  Video cam set up half way down the run capturing some brilliant footage for the next morning’s analysis.

The mystery night – again with some creative thinking from club members a special night was planned as we took 20 weary bodies for a mystery tour.  State Coal mine in Wonthaggi for dinner hmmm that is ok but what is all the guff about a special night……then Rabbit walked into the room with full camouflage gear and a laser gun.  We are off for a game of laser tag down the mine shaft!  Funny how a bit of competition re invigorates some tired bodies and gets the competitive juices going.   BTW – Guy was recorded as being killed the most!

Day Three

Everyone is getting into the swing of things especially as Tash Worner baked up a storm with some fresh scones jam and cream for munching whilst we were analysing all the great moves on video from the day before!

Light wind day today with lots of tired and muscle weary guests inwardly celebrating the fact but Guy was relentless getting them all out on the water practising their new found skills yet again.


In the car on the way to the airport – “Well Guy 2016 – are you back?”…No hesitation  “Damn sure I am.  One of the best teaching places in the world, flat water and I have a club that does all the extra bits to make the clinic more memorable.  Bookings are open!!”…

Big thanks go to – Mick Green, Dan Poynton, Pete Johnston, Roy, Tash, Joel and Josh Worner, Craig Hollins and his Mum, The Jepsons, Postie Pete, Etsuko.

Also to our sponsors – SHQ for gear for Guy and one of our international guests.
Guy is a big convert for the Magic Ride.

February 11, 2015 at 10:51 am

Southerly Busters GPSTC 2014 Round Up 1 Comment

Well another year has come & gone and we find ourselves suddenly at the end of the holiday period…. but hopefully at the start of a windy period!!

We’ve all seen on Bookface that all the other teams have done an annual summary of of their GPS Team Challenge (GPSTC) team results, so I thought why not us too.  It takes a team that is committed, dedicated and persistent to strive to the lofty heights of a 2014 ranking of…..  FIRST in Australia (of the bottom third of 27 teams) – so 19th 😛

As a team we’ve had a bit of everything this year.  Floating around in no wind, huddling under the angling club roof as hail comes in sideways, road trips to the golden lake, having to put up with our western colleagues from Connewarre, pretending that we’re interested in the technical mast bend curve & fin garble from the too serious ‘I-only-sail-if-its-30-knots’ Pit Crew mixed with the odd bit of banter with the bonno guys, laughing at the massive catapults as we negotiate our shifting sand bars… and all the while still managing to get the right balance of work with mid week sailing – so thats mainly sailing 😀

The Southerly Busters welcomed a number of new team members this year:

  • Postie Pete (Tiges);
  • Kempster;
  • Frank; and,
  • Geoff.

And had a few off the water too long with long term injuries – Mick, Simmo & Tony. It’s good to see them all starting to get back on the water now

As far as our team individual rankings for 2014 go, they are as follows:

In a team like ours a more important category which isn’t captured through a ranking table like above, is the progression and development of our sailors.  Over a couple of beers at Casa Del Jeppo at the start of the year (or maybe the year before) –  some time ago anyway, Daz & I discussed that something that should be strived for is 50% representation of current year results in your ‘top 5’s’ GPS results summary.  For those that don’t quite understand this, let me try and explain.  The GPSTC is made up of 6 categories – 2 second peak speed, 5 x 10sec ave speed, Alpha 500, Nautical Mile, 1 Hr average & Distance.  For each individual, the website stores that persons Top 5 results under each category.  So we thought a good measure of your development as a sailor would be to get 50% (15 out of 30) representation from the current year in your Top 5’s across all categories.

Based on this I am making an executive decision and am awarding a new award of ‘Southerly Busters 2014 Most Improved Sailor’ based on this measurement.  Of our 24 current sailors in our team, 4 joined throughout 2014 & 2 didn’t sail so are not eligible as it stands.  Of the remaining 18 sailors – 9 made the cut with 15 or more of their 30 Top 5’s being posted in 2014.  They are Harry, Daz, Joel, Pete Naz, Doug, Rob, Roy, Stelios & Tim – well done people.  In order, I am pleased to announce that the Southerly Busters most improved sailor’s are……

  1. Roy – 26/30
  2. Joel – 23/30
  3. Pete Naz – 22/30
  4. Robbie – 19/30
  5. Stelios – 18/30
    Harry – 18/30
  6. Tim – 17/30
  7. Doug – 15/30
    Daz – 15/30

Following is a slideshow of each of our 2014 Southerly Busters sailors Top 5 results:

Well done to all on a great years sailing.  Getting 50% Top 5’s gets harder each year so its a great measurement of your progression.

If you’re interested in joining IWC’s GPS team feel free to chat to me on the beach or shoot me an email – or anyone else in the team will be able to provide info as well.

Cheers and i hope you all get some great sailing in for 2015.

Dan (Stan :D)

January 28, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Discover Windsurfing Weekend 2 Comments

Wow1  What a turn out!

Over 130 people came down to the Angling Club over the weekend and had a go at Windsurfing….and its fair to say that more than a few left totally hooked!

A fantastic two days of fun, wind, waves and laughter

Thanks to Yachting Victoria for the showbags and SHQ Boardsports for providing a truckload full of Wind/ SUP equipment.


Special thanks needs to go to our stellar coaches- Josh, Joel, Roy, Pete, Dan, Simon and Fei, as well as our on beach crew- Pete Naz, Doug, and Rob. Finally, extra special thanks must go to Tash- who ran the tent like a military operation!

On Sunday, seeing the carpark full of vehicles with boards on the roof, then walking over the dune to see over 20 sails on the water made me extremely proud of what the club has achieved and how it carries itself.

Awesome effort!


January 13, 2015 at 3:53 pm

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