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The Curse has Lifted! No Comments

Congratulations must go to Peter “Naz” Nathan for taking out the Brass Monkey Challenge for a second year in a row.

For the first time, Pete took out back to back titles- a significant achievement given that previous champions have been cursed with the monkey on their back.  For some strange reason, over the past four years of Brass Monkey, previous winners have met with a series of strange occurrences which have destroyed  their chance of winning for a second time.

In a challenging weather pattern, with very few days where the temperature and wind speed lined up, Pete managed to post a reasonable score at the home location (Angling Club) and the away location (Swan Bay).

Roy Worner finished in second place- with the away game being the decider.

Well done Pete!

Brass Monkeys Scores

September 5, 2014 at 10:22 am

Winter Sailing- Things to Think About… 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, we had some crazy conditions with an unstable South Westerly airflow.  The morning was great with a low tide and 10-18 knots dropping off to 8 knots and gusting around 20.  There were intermittent rain bands with squally downdrafts coming through and there was only a few of us on the water…
Around 11 am everyone went in to warm up but I could see a rain squall approach…I took off just ahead of it and could feel the downdraft intensify…15 knots…20…25…30 knots…it just kept building and it was a solid dense wind!…
At that point, my outhaul decided to let go and I heard a rip sound…not from the sail but from my knee…
Out past the Bluff, with an incoming tide, I crashed…hit the water hard and had to chase my rig as it took off down the Inlet (minus rider)….After retrieving, I flipped the rig to water start the other way.  As soon as I put any pressure on my knee it went sideways and weird angles…not good!
The wind was crazy for about 15 minutes and it took a while to get going against the tide but I managed to body drag into shore.  I think I completed the Club’s first “crawl of shame” as I got out of the water.  A quick ride in a shiny ambulance to Wonthaggi Hospital where the diagnosis was damage to the MCL…Worst still, several months off the water…:-(
Having now had a few weeks to think about the accident, there were a few things that I’d like to chat about:

Firstly, my thanks go to Roy and Doug- who came to my aid once they realised something was not right…it’s one thing that I love about the Club- the way we look out for each other and respond to what ever situation is thrown at us.  The one thing that concerned me was how to signal that I was in trouble….when I was in the water, and particularly as the squall was going through, I needed both arms to hold onto the rig.  That meant that i wasn’t able to get an arm free to signal for help.  It got me wondering about what we might do if the situation ever happens again…I would be keen to hear any suggestions…

Secondly, I’m grateful to Pete for running the body dragging session as part of the Club Training Days a few months ago.  Once I knew I was in a bad way, I also knew that I could get back to shore without a stress by just flying the sail and heading off on a broad reach.

cold_jettyThirdly, and probably most importantly, I was a bit shocked about hypothermia.  When I got into the ambulance, the crew took my temperature and it was 32.5….that’s seriously low….Granted I had spent some time in the water, but I didn’t feel cold or have any of the typical symptoms of hypothermia- (see Better Health Channel for more info on hypothermia)…Once out of the elements I soon warmed up and my temperature returned to normal.
It worried me a bit, so the next day I spoke to Brett Denning (“Red” to most of you). Red is speed sailor from Geelong, but also an ambo, and I asked him about core temperature and exposure.  He replied that the thing to think about is that there is probably a fair amount of adrenaline running about inside us when we are windsurfing, and that sometime this adrenaline might mask the first stages and symptoms of hypothermia.  So what does that mean?  Well, I think it means for me that I’ve got to be more aware of the  temperature conditions, and not wait until I feel cold before I take action….  maybe a good idea is to break up a session with some time off the water and out of the wind….with a beanie and a polar fleece!!
it probably also means that i should also look out for others on the water, and make sure that they are staying warm enough as well.

As an update, after three weeks of physio, I can walk with the aid of a stick.  Prognosis is looking good- with a few more weeks of physio before I can get back out there…I know it could have been a lot worse, so this time, I don’t think I’ll be rushing too fast to get back….

Being a bit incapacitated, I have been taken aback by the help and support from people around the club…My sincere thanks go to
Roy, Tash, Joel and Josh Worner for dropping in and supplying me with stuff- (the pumpkin soup was awesome..I recommend you all go out and fake an injury just to get some!)… Also to Craig for delivering and chopping up some wood to keep the house warm.  Thanks also to Postie Pete for dropping in for a chat and cuppa, and to Jeff for carrying my mail for me…

July 22, 2014 at 1:57 pm

Is the curse lifting? No Comments

In a strange turn of events, last year’s BMC- Peter Nathan is extending his lead in the Winter Challenge.

Not only content with leading the table, rumours are abound that Drift’s brakes were tampered with on the day of his accident.  Investigation continue…

Brass Monkey Scoreboard

July 11, 2014 at 10:41 am

Winter Warm ups No Comments

Hi All,

As many of our members drive various distances to sail at Inverloch (some more than two hours) the following video may assist with ways to limber up before hitting the water.

Australian Sailing Team Physiotherapist Donna White takes you through a pre-sailing warm up and stretches for injury prevention and increased sailing performance.

Stretches with Donna White

Video courtesy of Yachting Victoria, June 26th 2014

Naz :)

July 3, 2014 at 1:42 pm

Reef Island, Bass No Comments

Went and checked out Reef Island today on the way home. The wind was as strong as Invy, but no where as choppy. There were people sailing there too!

reef island P1060761 P1060762


Sailed Reef Island yesterday, it has potential. The wind was onshore for my session, but flattened out when the winds went southerly. Unfortunately I had packed up by then.


Reef Island 7-5-2014


June 30, 2014 at 11:16 am

Monkey See, Monkey Do No Comments

It was a particularly cold session today, great for BMC’s. A lot of the Invy crew were out to make the most of the first decent SW winds in a while. With low tide being early, it was the early worm go-getter’s who had great flat water to sail on. Later as the tide rose we had typical washing-machine chop, fun and challenging conditions.

A reminder that we all need to be watching out for each other and that winter safety is needed, as was experienced today. Make sure you have enough insulation between you and the cold, and take regular breaks to warm up if needed. DO NOT wait until you feel cold! If you do feel cold jump in the back of an ambulance, I here they are very warm ;)


June 30, 2014 at 11:04 am

Yachting Victoria 2014 Media Award Mick Green No Comments

Mick receiving the YV Media Award

Off we went to the Yachting Victoria 2014 Awards night with wives and boys dressed to the nines (Mick commented he was going to wear his 2/3 wetty but could not fit a bow tie to it!) at Sandringham Yacht Club with 350 other people. An amazing facility and spectacularly decked out as we climbed the spiral staircase to the top floor. Dreams of Inverloch Club house came to mind!

This was the awards night for the Yachting community and the who’s who of the yachting world where thick in the air with the odd olympian thrown in.   Inverloch Windsurfing Club had nominated its own Mick ” Drift” Green for the Media and Publicity Award. The short list of nominees were Drift – IWC McCrae Yacht Club Ocean Racing Club of Vic – a goliath in the media industry.. So this was going to be a David and Goliath battle. Mick in his usual strategy asked Kato and myself to take the competition out in some form of surreptitious dealing, however the new club president – Kato, has a lot more morals than the previous one and called foul much to Drift and my disappointment.

So he had to win this award on his own credentals hmm tough ask. The rest is history as David slew Goliath and Mick walked away with the award. Now Mick is one of those quiet achievers that just goes about his business so I will embarrass him slightly here and mention a few of the things the Yachting Victoria selection board picked up on:-

Mick was one of the founding members of IWC and has been a major driving force in the club’s development and growth. Mick developed the club’s media strategy when the club was formed in 2008. Considerable time and effort has gone into developing relationships with people in the media to give the club exposure it enjoys today. The IWC media strategy has been to develop an integrated web and social media presence to serve specific communication purposes. IWC does not have a club house and its membership is 20 % local, 75% Melbourne and 5% interstate and overseas. Therefore e-communication with membership is of vital importance. Mick has developed a range of communication options for the committee to communicate back to the club’s membership or membership to communicate with each other. Website, Facebook, Wheremi Windsurfing, “The Gritty Truth” Newsletter by Mail Chimp and “From the President’s Desk” by email. As a result, IWC has become a content creator- developing a strong reputation with local newspapers through providing interesting and engaging copy and press releases. IWC also produces it’s own visual content- from digital still images to gps integrated applications. It has also been a major promoter of windsurfing to a broader audience, through the creation of audio and video content for the national broadcaster as part of ABC OPEN. Throughout 2013-14, this content aired on ABC local radio, and screened on ABC1, ABC2 and NEWS24

CLUB WEBSITE Currently averages over 90,000- 100,000 hits per month and is on target to achieve over 1,000,000 hits for the financial year 2013-2014 Average monthly visits- over 5000 users- ( approx 60,000 unique visitors per year).


Congratulations Mick – well deserved and Sue and I were very proud to be there last night to see you receive this award.

June 20, 2014 at 8:50 pm

Cuttriss Street Development No Comments

The Council recently released a Draft Plan  for the Cuttriss St Foreshore.
The Plan looks at improvements along the foreshore, and the addition of public amenities.


IWC committee submitted a formal response to the Plan.

iwc_response_front cover

Members can view Response HERE (in PDF)


June 20, 2014 at 8:14 am

Road Trip to Burrum No Comments

I’m always keen to support other club’s events and the Burrum Windfest has always been on the wish list. Warm weather, SE trade winds and a 4km long speed bank. So this year it was time to convince the family that it was time to do a road trip into the sunshine. Peter and Lari were also keen for a road trip so it became a Pit Crew adventure.  We left home at 5pm as Jen had work commitments and just went north. Made a wrong turn and ended up in Albury instead of Shepparton. Opps. Then the rain started lots and lots of it. Interesting having a road train go past you at 110km while driving through a river. Went along the Newel Hwy past Parkes, Coonabarabran, Goondiwindi and finely Burrum, just a little 28hr drive in the country.

Burrum house

Morning and it was time to meet the locals, sign in and check out the area. Katelyn was very keen to have a go in the comp so a quick sign up to an AWA state and throw on a life jacket she was in too. Wasn’t very happy about the jacket but that’s the rules.

Not enough wind for Day 1 and Justin (Gestalt) was trying to guess the wind gods mind and called it a free sail; a few grumbles from the rabble who wanted to compete. (Who would be a comp organiser?)It was time to get wet in Queensland.

Out onto the inlet with my biggest gear, Carbon Art 66 (110L) and Koncept 8.5, this sail had only been used twice before and one was at Lake George for the 24hr record.

Tough to get going with lots of pumping, but the weather was warm and not a wetsuit in sight. Katelyn in as well but even harder for her as the tide was racing in with an onshore wind and she was pushed into the harbour. The 3.5 Dragon Fly and my old Ab Slalom board just didn’t have enough punch to keep up wind.

The next few days were light took the opportunity to do a day trip to Fraser Island. Jen and I came here xxx yrs ago as our first holiday together as a couple so it was great to revisit the places that we knew, this time with the kids.


The wind turned up and the locals were excited, still light by our standards but very sailable. Onto what was becoming my Queensland speedsailing setup Sl66, Ka8.5, Venom 40. Still no SE wind but with Burrum there is always a bank to play with. The Northern run is a bit like Area 45 with out the curve, lots of brown water too. Burrum usually has clear water at this time but as we had bought the drought busting rain everything had turned into Area 45 brown.

Bounced off lots of hidden sandbanks and just couldn’t go fast, fighting both the rig and board. Ended up having a attack of the grumps. Luckily Pete was around and being a caring supportive friend mentioned something about “Princesses” and “Hardening up” and “Softy”. Still couldn’t get it together so I just chased Katelyn around who was having a great time.


We stayed on this run for the rest of the week with the wind getting to about 15 kts with my board maxing out at about 30kts. I was a bit off the pace all week and I only solved the issue on the last day, not enough down haul (20mm)  Top speed was Vando at about 32kt, kicks my butt again.


Katelyn impressed everyone with her sailing skills and that she rigged and carried all her own gear without adult help. Sound like a very big tick to her instructor ….Joel. She came so very close to planning her board and her confidence was huge. As the only junior in this years comp she cleaned up in the prize pool bringing home a new boom and a ProLimit vest.  Bring on next year Katelyn.

We didn’t get to sail on the usual bank, the water was unusually brown, and the wind was a bit light but that’s windsurfing. We did meet some great people, have a well run and fun comp and see a great part of Australia that everyone should visit.

From Burrum we left Pete and Lari as they went sth and we went north another 14hr to Ailey Beach and the reef for a week before coming back towards home.

In total we travelled 9000km in 4 weeks played in 3 states, saw a small part of Australia and gave the kids a sense of just how big Aus is and had a great holiday.



See many more of you at Burrum next year!

(thanks to Justin (Gestult on Seabreeze) for the pics



June 18, 2014 at 12:19 pm

Brass Monkey Challenge 2014. It’s on again. No Comments

With all the anticipation of a coming birthday celebration I awaited the 1st of June; it’s on again, BMC is here for 2014. With some new additions to my cold water wear bring on those at-dawn sessions, all for the glory of a $3 monkey. Is it worth it? Most definitely! Ask any previous winner of the winter challenge and you’ll here stories about how to achieve the best ratio, whispers of fantastical sailing spots in a land far, far away and sheets of wood serendipitously placed in front of weather stations.  Then there is the sigh and drop of the shoulders of how it was won or lost on those freak gusts. Yes this $3 monkey is worth it. And most of all you get to sail when most people close up shop for the season. See Old Salty’s tips for winter warmth. With a modern suit and a few additions it is possible to be warm, even on the coldest of days. So come join in on the fun and anticipation that is Brass Monkey Challenge 2014. monkey



Brass Monkey 2014 Scoreboard

June 9, 2014 at 11:56 am

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