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Southerly Busters GPSTC 2014 Round Up No Comments

Well another year has come & gone and we find ourselves suddenly at the end of the holiday period…. but hopefully at the start of a windy period!!

We’ve all seen on Bookface that all the other teams have done an annual summary of of their GPS Team Challenge (GPSTC) team results, so I thought why not us too.  It takes a team that is committed, dedicated and persistent to strive to the lofty heights of a 2014 ranking of…..  FIRST in Australia (of the bottom third of 27 teams) – so 19th :P

As a team we’ve had a bit of everything this year.  Floating around in no wind, huddling under the angling club roof as hail comes in sideways, road trips to the golden lake, having to put up with our western colleagues from Connewarre, pretending that we’re interested in the technical mast bend curve & fin garble from the too serious ‘I-only-sail-if-its-30-knots’ Pit Crew mixed with the odd bit of banter with the bonno guys, laughing at the massive catapults as we negotiate our shifting sand bars… and all the while still managing to get the right balance of work with mid week sailing – so thats mainly sailing :D

The Southerly Busters welcomed a number of new team members this year:

  • Postie Pete (Tiges);
  • Kempster;
  • Frank; and,
  • Geoff.

And had a few off the water too long with long term injuries – Mick, Simmo & Tony. It’s good to see them all starting to get back on the water now

As far as our team individual rankings for 2014 go, they are as follows:

In a team like ours a more important category which isn’t captured through a ranking table like above, is the progression and development of our sailors.  Over a couple of beers at Casa Del Jeppo at the start of the year (or maybe the year before) –  some time ago anyway, Daz & I discussed that something that should be strived for is 50% representation of current year results in your ‘top 5’s’ GPS results summary.  For those that don’t quite understand this, let me try and explain.  The GPSTC is made up of 6 categories – 2 second peak speed, 5 x 10sec ave speed, Alpha 500, Nautical Mile, 1 Hr average & Distance.  For each individual, the website stores that persons Top 5 results under each category.  So we thought a good measure of your development as a sailor would be to get 50% (15 out of 30) representation from the current year in your Top 5’s across all categories.

Based on this I am making an executive decision and am awarding a new award of ‘Southerly Busters 2014 Most Improved Sailor’ based on this measurement.  Of our 24 current sailors in our team, 4 joined throughout 2014 & 2 didn’t sail so are not eligible as it stands.  Of the remaining 18 sailors – 9 made the cut with 15 or more of their 30 Top 5’s being posted in 2014.  They are Harry, Daz, Joel, Pete Naz, Doug, Rob, Roy, Stelios & Tim – well done people.  In order, I am pleased to announce that the Southerly Busters most improved sailor’s are……

  1. Roy – 26/30
  2. Joel – 23/30
  3. Pete Naz – 22/30
  4. Robbie – 19/30
  5. Stelios – 18/30
    Harry – 18/30
  6. Tim – 17/30
  7. Doug – 15/30
    Daz – 15/30

Following is a slideshow of each of our 2014 Southerly Busters sailors Top 5 results:

Well done to all on a great years sailing.  Getting 50% Top 5’s gets harder each year so its a great measurement of your progression.

If you’re interested in joining IWC’s GPS team feel free to chat to me on the beach or shoot me an email – or anyone else in the team will be able to provide info as well.

Cheers and i hope you all get some great sailing in for 2015.

Dan (Stan :D)

Yesterday at 3:22 pm

Discover Windsurfing Weekend 2 Comments

Wow1  What a turn out!

Over 130 people came down to the Angling Club over the weekend and had a go at Windsurfing….and its fair to say that more than a few left totally hooked!

A fantastic two days of fun, wind, waves and laughter

Thanks to Yachting Victoria for the showbags and SHQ Boardsports for providing a truckload full of Wind/ SUP equipment.


Special thanks needs to go to our stellar coaches- Josh, Joel, Roy, Pete, Dan, Simon and Fei, as well as our on beach crew- Pete Naz, Doug, and Rob. Finally, extra special thanks must go to Tash- who ran the tent like a military operation!

On Sunday, seeing the carpark full of vehicles with boards on the roof, then walking over the dune to see over 20 sails on the water made me extremely proud of what the club has achieved and how it carries itself.

Awesome effort!


January 13, 2015 at 3:53 pm

Discover Windsurfing 10th and 11th January No Comments



Article in Sentinel Times- Tourism Lift Out 30/12/2014

Anderson Inlet Angling Club carpark 10 – 4 pm Saturday 10th January and Sunday 11th January

In conjunction with Yachting Australia and SHQ Boardsports, our club coaches will be providing tuition to introduce people to this addictive sport.

A great time to introduce your friends to the stoke of windsurfing

The club will be providing its fleet of beginner windsurfers for teaching and SHQ will be bringing down a range of demonstration boards for all to try.  The equipment they are expecting to bring is listed below.
JP 2013 Funster 180 windsurf board
Tabou 2014 Rocket 125 CED windsurf board
JP 2014 Magic Ride 118 PRO windsurf board
JP 2015 All Ride 106L FWS complete with straps and fins
JP 2014 Freestyle Wave 93 PRO windsurf board
JP 2015 Radical Quad 94L PRO complete with straps and fins
Neil Pryde 2014 Hellcat 6.7 windsurf sail
Gaastra 2014 Matrix 6.0 windsurf sail
NeilPryde 2014 Fusion 5.5 windsurf sail
NeilPryde 2014 Atlas 5.4 windsurf sail
NeilPryde 2015 Combat 5.0
NeilPryde 2015 Combat HD 4.5
NeilPryde Experience 4.5 windsurf sail and rig complete
NeilPryde 2013 Dragonfly 2.5

15 SUP boards, all of which are also suitable for windsurfing.

JP 2015 Surf 9’6″ x 31″ PRO SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Surf Wide Body 9’3″ x 32″ PRO SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 8’5″ x 31″ PRO SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 9’8″ x 31″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 10’2″ x 32″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Fusion 10’8″ x 34″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Allround 10’6” x 31” WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Venus 10’6″ x 31″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Wide Body 10’0″ x 33.5″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Wide Body 10’2″ x 35″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Hybrid 11’6″ x 32″ WE SUP with JP board bag
JP 2015 Sportster Touring 12’0″ x 30″ Carbon SUP with JP board bag
Imagine 2015 Icon 10’2″ x 32″ GC SUP board
Imagine 2015 Icon 10’2″ x 32″ WC SUP board
Imagine 2015 Crossover 10’6″ x 30″ Siren WC SUP board
Imagine 2015 Mission 12’6″ WC SUP board

January 6, 2015 at 9:54 pm

Guy Cribb INtution @ INverloch No Comments









Spots are strictly limited and filling fast


December 22, 2014 at 10:10 am

In The Zone- Where We Can and Can’t Sail 2 Comments

You may have noticed a bit of activity on the Inlet recently- with new No Boating signage and the moving of some markers on the water.  Its the result of Gippsland Ports modifying the Vessel Operating Zone Restrictions that apply for the Inlet.  From time to time, the Operating Zones are reviewed in light of the changing dynamics of the waterway.  The last review was about three years ago, and lets face it, the Inlet has dramatically changed in that time!

So what does it mean for Windsurfing on the Inlet?

Well, it does make some areas a bit more difficult to access but generally we aren’t too badly affected.  The amazing amount of sand movement has probably reduced the amount of sailable water, but there still plenty of fun to be had!

In this post, we’ll focus on the beaches to the east of the town- the Angling Club and The Rotunda.  Further east we have Area 45 but there have been no changes to this spot.

Lets start with the Angling Club.



As you stand on  the dune from the carpark you’ll notice a Red Marker on the water out towards Point Smythe.  To your right, if you look up on the dune you’ll see a sign post.  If you drew an imaginary line between the sign post and the Red Marker, you’d have the Eastern boundary of the No Boating Zone.  This zone extends West from the Angling Club to just near the Rotunda.  Basically this is a no go zone for us.  We are considered to be a vessel and so we aren’t allowed to enter this zone except for in an emergency.  This might pose a few problems for those who like to run the inside bank on a South Westerly, as there is very little room for gybing at the Western end of the run.

For beginners, the area to the East of the Red Marker is perfect for learning.  Just remember that there is a 5 knot rule that extends 200 metres from the shore.

Now onto the Rotunda





If you are standing near the Walkway, you will notice a sign post to your left.  If you look out on the the water you will see a Red Marker.  An imaginary line between the sign and the Red Marker denotes the start of the No Boating Zone which extends East towards the Angling Club.  The area to the West (e.g. towards the pier) is open to vessels, meaning we can sail there at 5 knots until 200 metres out, then unrestricted once we are on the middle bank.

On a South Westerly, its a close haul to get out to the middle bank on a starboard tack but you can launch up closer towards the pier to improve your angle.  Theres a small sandbank right on the edge of the No Boating Zone, so once you are out there, its easy to pull up before the No Boating Zone and do the world famous “Inverloch Step Gybe”!

I guess it comes down to common sense- which is something we all have in abundance…Windsurfing has a history of over thirty years on the Inlet…and a minuscule rate of incidents or accidents.  Personally, I think it has a lot to do with the respect we have for our surroundings and the courtesy we give to other water users.  We may not be in their sights but the Water Authorities have indicated that they will be enforcing these Zones over Summer,  and whilst the Operating Zones aren’t primarily designed for us, we do need to try to observe them as much as we can.

If you come across an area which you are unsure of the Zoning, or if you find a section that poses a specific problem for Windsurfing, please contact me  (Mick – 0412 828 748) and Im happy to identify any areas which may need to be sent to Gippsland Ports for review.

cheers and big breezes,


Note: A PDF of The Angling Club and Rotunda Zoning is available Here (in PDF)

December 9, 2014 at 6:52 pm

IWC 2014 Profit & Loss Statement No Comments

Hi All,

As a requirement of our reporting to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), please note that the 2014 Annual Profit & Loss Report has been compiled by our Treasurer Rob Kenyon.

The document has been submitted to CAV and if you wish to view, you will find the document stored in the Minutes to Meetings section of the website.

December 1, 2014 at 1:43 pm

And so it begins No Comments

IWC kicked off in style.

A nice breeze and a bit of sunshine greeted us for our Annual General Meeting and the official start of the season.  The official part of the day involved voting in the Office Bearer positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

These positions were filled as follows:

President:  Mick Green
Vice President:  Dan Poynton
Treasurer:  Rob Kenyon
Secretary:  Roy Worner

The new committee will be created over the next few weeks.  More information on Club activities and events will follow soon after….so stay tuned.

We would like to thank Craig “Kato” Hollins for his role as president in the 2013-2014 season..Craig has a few interesting windsurfing projects coming up- which Im sure we will hear a lot about, and become involved in!

It was great to see some new faces, some of who had travelled up from Melbourne to see what the fuss is all about.  Hopefully they weren’t disappointed.




October 20, 2014 at 11:42 am

Road Tripping 3 Comments

For me it has been:


Nothing like the promise of a breeze and the open road!

Port Macquarie, Robe, Raymond Island, Warrnambool, Portland, Lorne, Hazelwood Pondage, Paynesville, Point Henry, Lake Connewarre, Swan Bay, Sanctuary Point, Sandy Point and of course Inverloch.

I guess it all starts with a bit of day dreaming.  I wonder what this place would be like or listening to others that had been before you.  Generally it’s all the same vibe.  “You just gotta go here it is the best spot ever!”  ….and generally it is!

Check out the Windsurfing magazines and half their stories are about road tripping with friends

Some of my most enjoyable times windsurfing have been road tripping.  The planning, checking with the locals, checking the forecast, hitting the road and meeting at the roadside café for breakfast and then arriving.  By this time I am generally that hyped up that no matter what the conditions I am still going to get out there.  My last road trip was proof of this.  Big northerly front coming through on a Sunday and I am off to Swan Bay.  Haven’t sailed for 6 weeks but damn I was going to give it a shake.  Get there and Pete Nathan is thinking about changing down from his 5.4 mtr sail and says the locals are all out on 5 mtr sails!  Now normally I would back away and call it a day if I was at Inverloch with 25kts of breeze gusting to 30kts but the buzz of the trip, some general madness and the fact that Simmo gave me a 5mtr sail was enough for me to harness my doubts and go for it.  Guess what, I had a ball, with a smile on my face still on Monday as I recalled the days events to my work colleagues.

Inverloch Windsurfing Club has changed with most of the club members that I used to road trip with have moved to Inverloch(damn you I am jealous!)  and because of that I have not done many road trips recently.  It is something in my life that I want to change!!  So who is up for it and where are we going?

I would like to head to Lake George in Feb/March 2015??  How about you?

October 14, 2014 at 11:01 am

Getting ready for Open Season! No Comments

Now that the new season is open, it’s time to grab the board and rig out of storage, pack the wetsuit and towel and head straight to Invy right?


Whilst this may work for the majority of  sailors out there, each season I can recall being asked questions like, ”Can I borrow a screwdriver to tighter my fin?” or “My downhaul rope just broke, do you have a spare one?”


As a club, Inverloch Windsurfing Club promotes sailing in a fun and safe environment. But one aspect that we cannot control is equipment failure due to poor maintenance. If your equipment fails whilst you are out sailing, you not only run the risk of personal injury but the loss of your equipment as well. Here are some simple things that you can do to stay safe out on the water.


Equipment Check.

– Lay all of your gear out on the lawn where possible to make it easy to see what is there and what’s missing.

This is usually how my back yard looks in preparation for a new season!

This is usually how my back yard looks in preparation for a new season!


- Check any zippers on sail bags and board bags for corrosion. This often happens when the gear has been stored without first removing the salt water. If the zip is stuck, do not try to force it open. Boil the kettle and pour the hot water directly onto the stuck zipper. You may be required to repeat this once or twice but you will soon be able to free the zipper from the stuck position.

Mick Green demonstrates how to carry a boom.

Mick Green demonstrates how to carry a boom.

NOTE ….Try not allow the boiling hot water to come in contact with the sail material. I have tried this to see what happens and although I could not see any difference, it may have long-term affects on the sail. (Don’t burn yourself)

-Check each boom and mast base for signs of wear in the cleats or beans in the tubing. Remove the boom end fully to give it a good clean with fresh water, and once again clean any corrosion if required. If your boom is stuck in the last position it was sailed, you may need to use a pole or a post secured to the ground and work it loose. Flexing the boom arms inwards and outwards may also help, and once again hot water can be used.

- Check all ropes for signs of fatigue. If you can’t be 100% certain that it wont break, replace the rope now.

-Check your Uni-joint for signs of cracks in the rubber joint.



- Check your board for any damage that may have occurred whilst in storage, or perhaps something you were going to fix but forgot.



If your board has a “vent” bolt in the top to prevent the board from expanding in the heat, make sure that bolt can be easily loosened and tightened and make sure you have the right screwdriver in your kit to do this. Make sure the screwdriver is a snug fit.


Check your vent bolt is tight before the board gets wet!

Check your vent bolt is tight before the board gets wet!


Check your fin is a snug fit and you have the correct fin bolts.

Check your fin is a snug fit and you have the correct fin bolts.

- Check your foot straps are tight but do not try to over tighten them.


- Check your fin for cracks around the base and make sure that you have the correct fin bolt/bolts to secure to the board. Check this by fitting it into the board and tighten. I have been known to lend fin bolts to people and I have been caught on occasions when the fin bolts left in my fins are incorrect. TIP Once you have the right bolt/bolts, buy spare ones for replacements if you loose one in the sand or grass.


- Check you sails for signs of wear and tare and repair if required. Check for broken batterns and cams (if fitted)


Check the stitching is OK and make sure there are no holes.


– Be sure to have your screwdriver and a down hauling tool with you


Bring plenty of personal protection such as drinking water, sunscreen, appropriate clothing for the day and some food to help sustain your energy.




I think something is about to break!

I think something is about to break!

Now that your gear is ready for the season to come, you can sail with confidence and get on with having fun on the water.


Be safe out there and have fun,


October 13, 2014 at 10:06 pm

IWC Season Opener 19th October 2014 No Comments


October 1, 2014 at 8:54 pm

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