The Inverloch Windsurfing Club Inc. has been established to:

  1. Develop and promote windsurfing as a sport amongst it’s members and the wider community.
  2. Create an environment where members feel part of a community, and can undertake their sport in a setting that is friendly, inclusive and safe.
  3. Generate a platform for events that provide members of all abilities with the opportunity to participate in the sport.
  4. Provide a social and fun mechanism for maintaining health, wellbeing and fitness.
  5. Become a strong advocate which ensures that windsurfing is adequately represented on all relevant planning policies.


The IWC was established on the sandbar at Anderson Inlet in 2009 with the aim to bring windsurfers of all ages and abilities together through windsurfing, recreational and social activities based around Inverloch, Victoria.   Currently the club boasts over 100 members from all over Victoria and interstate and has recently incorporated as a Not for Profit Organisation.

In the past two years IWC has run a variety of events to meet all levels of experience in the Club.  Training weekends in 2009 and 2010 with Australia’s four time world champion – Allison Shreeve, mentor days, speed training days, retailer demonstration days and come’n’try days.  JP Australia and Neil Pryde, two of the world’s largest manufacturers of windsurfing equipment, have been touring a trailer with over 30 windsurfing kits around Australia as a “Learn to Windsurf” promotion. In January 2011 IWC was offered the trailer and successfully hosted a clinic weekend.  IWC had the largest attendances for the whole of Australia.