Road Tripping

For me it has been:


Nothing like the promise of a breeze and the open road!

Port Macquarie, Robe, Raymond Island, Warrnambool, Portland, Lorne, Hazelwood Pondage, Paynesville, Point Henry, Lake Connewarre, Swan Bay, Sanctuary Point, Sandy Point and of course Inverloch.

I guess it all starts with a bit of day dreaming.  I wonder what this place would be like or listening to others that had been before you.  Generally it’s all the same vibe.  “You just gotta go here it is the best spot ever!”  ….and generally it is!

Check out the Windsurfing magazines and half their stories are about road tripping with friends

Some of my most enjoyable times windsurfing have been road tripping.  The planning, checking with the locals, checking the forecast, hitting the road and meeting at the roadside café for breakfast and then arriving.  By this time I am generally that hyped up that no matter what the conditions I am still going to get out there.  My last road trip was proof of this.  Big northerly front coming through on a Sunday and I am off to Swan Bay.  Haven’t sailed for 6 weeks but damn I was going to give it a shake.  Get there and Pete Nathan is thinking about changing down from his 5.4 mtr sail and says the locals are all out on 5 mtr sails!  Now normally I would back away and call it a day if I was at Inverloch with 25kts of breeze gusting to 30kts but the buzz of the trip, some general madness and the fact that Simmo gave me a 5mtr sail was enough for me to harness my doubts and go for it.  Guess what, I had a ball, with a smile on my face still on Monday as I recalled the days events to my work colleagues.

Inverloch Windsurfing Club has changed with most of the club members that I used to road trip with have moved to Inverloch(damn you I am jealous!)  and because of that I have not done many road trips recently.  It is something in my life that I want to change!!  So who is up for it and where are we going?

I would like to head to Lake George in Feb/March 2015??  How about you?