Mentor Day- 27/11/2011

Well there was concern in the camp as we may have had to cancel due to toooo much wind especially for the beginners. A few of the coaches camped Saturday night and there was mummurings of a Dawn Raid on the Pit with a 20 kt WSW but you would not believe it that the PIT Crew members Kato and Pete pull out…  Some would say soft!   However they were all up to taking full advantage of low tide on the Inlet whilst most of us were still travelling down from Melbourne. The day got underway with 40 plus windsurfers in attendance.

Registration were 15 beginners, 15 intermediates and 7 coaches and a number of windsurfers that just wanted to join in the fun. Members travelled from Geelong, Melbourne and Sale to enjoy the day and it was great getting around everybody and catching up.

The day started with the wind fading rapidly from 20 kts gusting to 30kts down to 10kts gusting to 15 kts.  However in true IWC attitude of lets make the most of anytime on the water, coaches and keen students hit the water. I was caught up in the carpark chatting to all comers and it was just an amazing scene as I hit the top of the sand dune and looked out across the Inlet. A mass of boards and sails everywhere

Lunch was called as the smell of Master Chef’s Ian B3 Fenney cooking drifted across the Inlet. Simmo, as usual, was last off the water and was complaining that he could not find a parking spot for his board on the beach. We had to send Fireman Sam, with fire bells ringing, to get extra supplies as Ian’s cullinary skills where too tempting for hungry windsurfers.

We all hit the water again but the wind was not playing for the intermediates however it was great to see all the beginners really progressing. I can see Roy having to spend a lot more time on the water to keep ahead of his kids
I even heard a rumour that the great Kato confessed to struggling in these wind conditions. When the wind did hit 15kts(briefly) it was great to see a few of the PIT Crew Kato, Pete and Mathew tearing up the Inlet.

As the light faded I enjoyed a magic moment when I pinched Red’s 8.5mtr Koncept and cranked out a few 20 kts runs down the speed run with only a few left on the water.  But Confession Time Red – the Inlet is renown for eating sails – ASK RICHIE. This huge gust of wind ripped the sail off my board and the Inlet has eaten it up. When I unloaded my Van at home I discovered someone had donated me a new 8.5 mtr Koncept woohoo. Very nice sail – Red

This day would not have happened without the help of our coaches – Kato, Pete, Red, Dan, Simon, Col, Mick and Postman Pete – BIG THANKS GUYS It is great seeing you give back to the sport we all love. It also would not have happened without my great team on committee Mick, Simon, Dan, Pete, Ian, Rob, Cara and Marcus – well done guys.
Most of all, it would not have happened without the members that are making a great club even better.