Longboard Challenge


Only a week to go and the challenges have been announced!



The Longboard Challenge.  Buy an old longboard online for $100.  Grab some friends and family and have fun doing Mick’s challenges.

“Rules- What Rules?”
The Longboard Challenge has established itself as the most corruptly biased event on the calendar- with judges frequently accepting cash bribes to ensure the success of the winning team.

The event consists of a series of sailing and non sailing challenges, all on boards that are 3.5 metres or above in length, that are to completed by a team within an hour time limit.

Unsure of how much bribe to give….and dont want to look stingy in front of the well respected and non corrupt judge???


This year, a good guide would be the following formula

Length of Board X number of team members X $20

For example, Windsurfer One design = 3.65

Team Members= 4

4 X 3.65= 14.6

X $20





The Challenges can be downloaded HERE