IWC 2016 Award Winners

The season has drawn to a close and its time to recognise people within the club who have contributed to making this the best windsurfing club in the world! Club Person of the Year Every year, we take the time to honour an individual who has made a significant contribution to club- ensuring that the […]

Discover Windsurfing Day – 10 Jan 2016

Windsurfing is a sometimes a tricky sport that relies on so many elements…. Obviously, you need wind, you need water and you need equipment.  But most importantly though, you need passion, drive, encouragement and support as you tackle the elements and master the techniques.  Its a challenge that becomes a lifelong pursuit for many of […]

IWC Training Day – 12 Dec 2015

Well the last 2 days have reinforced exactly why Inverloch is such a great windsurfing location! Yesterday Huey absolutely unleashed with a solid 30kt WSW wind.  A number of people got on the water, some got smashed and reports that came in mentioned that there may be a few sails up for repair as a […]

IWC Race Series – Round 1

Wow!  That one word sums up the whole day, organised windsurf racing is back in Vic with a bang! We had a fantastic turnout for the first of IWC’s Race Series.  Over 20 people in total were on the water, 9 in the freerace and 13 in the handicap slalom.  The others were just happy […]

Southerly Busters GPSTC 2014 Round Up

Well another year has come & gone and we find ourselves suddenly at the end of the holiday period…. but hopefully at the start of a windy period!! We’ve all seen on Bookface that all the other teams have done an annual summary of of their GPS Team Challenge (GPSTC) team results, so I thought […]

IWC’ releases 2014-16 Strategic Plan

It is with pleasure that I can release Inverloch Windsurfing Club’s Strategic Plan 2014-16. Over the past 12 months committee members have been working very hard to produce a strategy that has relevance to our member’s and stakeholders while also articulating a pathway of sustainability and embedding the principals of good governance within our club, […]

2013 Inverloch Speed Invitational

Righto, its on again!!! The Invitational is a weekend-long speed challenge. This weekend of the 23/24 of November starts at 10.00am meeting at the Inverloch Angling Club. It is open to all GPSTC sailors, as well as anyone else who’d like to have a go. The sailor who has the highest 5X10 average over the […]

Great Weekend at the Inveroch Speed Invitational

Event Wrap The Inverloch Speed Invitational is the only semi-serious competition that the Inverloch Windsurfing Club host’s throughout the season, and this year with my ‘wind guarantee’ coming to fruition we should really remove the word semi. The competition on the water was ferocious. The Inverloch Speed Invitational is a 2 day speed windsurfing competition, […]