IWC’ releases 2014-16 Strategic Plan

It is with pleasure that I can release Inverloch Windsurfing Club’s Strategic Plan 2014-16. Over the past 12 months committee members have been working very hard to produce a strategy that has relevance to our member’s and stakeholders while also articulating a pathway of sustainability and embedding the principals of good governance within our club, sport and the wider Inverloch community.

There are many people that need to be individually thanked for making this strategy come to life, particularly the current and former committees. I would like to say thank you to them for all the hard work and their commitment in making this strategy a reality.

The strategy is divided into five priorities areas and 33 broad strategies with deliverable targets. The strategy will become part of the overall operating framework for IWC, linking the clubs strategic direction with our members. This was one of the most important elements identified when developing our strategy and was considered to be one of the most fundamental requirements that the strategy should include.

This is an exciting time for IWC and as you read through the strategy you will see that we have set the bar quite high on deliverables to our members and stakeholders in the coming years. I hope you all read our plan, be inspired a little and become an active member of the IWC continuing to make it a great community sports club.

As identified key stakeholders, hard copies and corresponding cover letters have been sent to to the following people/organisations:

  • Mr Steve Walker, CEO, Yachting Victoria
  • Mr Brett Morris – President, Australian Windsurfing Association
  • Mr Steve Coward – President, Windsurfing Victoria
  • Mr Howard Scott, Recreation & Open Space Planner, Bass Coast Shire Council
  • Ms Jerril Rechter – VicHealth CEO
  • Mr Barry Switzer – EO GippSport
  • Gippsland Ports, Anderson Inlet Harbour Master.

Download & read our 2014-16 Strategic Plan below.