Time for some Winter maintenance?

To progress in our sport we need to experiment and push ourselves and our equipment. And it happens to us all at some stage that our lovely new(ish) board gets a bit broken from the experience. A ding from a drop on a rock, an Invy sandbar encounter or, as is the case with some of us, a mast through the nose on an untimely catapult. It happens. What to do next? If your skills are a bit like mine in the board building department it is best to seek professional help, after all blu-tack and gaffer tape eventually leak and cause further problems…

Oke men


Many at IWC will attest to the competence of OKE Surfboards in this regards. Personally, I have had a few (many) repairs done to my boards over the seasons. The boys at OKE have always repaired  my boards in a timely and professional way.Their competence extends beyond just surfboards as they used to build and sail their own windsurfers back in the day. I have seen all sorts of watercraft in their factory waiting for repairs. They are easily located at Braeside.

Winter is the perfect time to get some maintenance done on our boards when most of us tend to sail a little less. And if you ask nicely they may even show you their old windsurfers that they designed and built. True crafts-men.

Cheers, Pete Naz