GPS Logit

A few of you may have been following the seabreeze thread on the new GPS-logit
app available for mobile phones

I was speaking to the infamous Red from Geelong when I was windsurfing at Swan Bay on Father’s Day and he was trialing the concept.  Here are his thoughts.

By chance I had the opportunity to pick up a cheap 2nd hand phone and decided to give it a go.

First impressions…

The app is easy to download and use ( I used a trial version and I think the full version is downloadable for approx $20).

With my phone ready to go, I grabbed an old set of sacrificial earphone (before I lash out and buy some waterproof ones) and hit the water. The beauty of the app is the speed
talker. This allows real time feedback of your speed as your sailing. I had it
set up for a 20 knot min speed and 2 sec intervals. First good speed run started
to accelerate and then I heard feedback regarding my run. Its great!… at the
end of the run the reader tells you your 10sec average for that run. Soo…
first impressions.. a great way for people to get into GPS sailing without the
need for expensive GPS’… Instant feedback is only going to improve my sailing
by allowing me to adjust angles and trim to maximise my speed and most
importantly, having earphones in, wont have to listen to the incessant chatter
from my sailing buddies!!!

Editor’s Note:  I also see that you could use the mobile in an emergency situation and training exercises