Time for some Winter maintenance?

To progress in our sport we need to experiment and push ourselves and our equipment. And it happens to us all at some stage that our lovely new(ish) board gets a bit broken from the experience. A ding from a drop on a rock, an Invy sandbar encounter or, as is the case with some of us, […]

Brass Monkey Challenge 2015

That time of year is almost upon us, the long awaited 2015 Brass Monkey Challenge. Don the winter wetsuit, brave the elements and go for the glory of the Monkey Trophy. Who will be the challengers for 2015? Who will get that lucky gust this year? What new rules will IWC graft into the equation […]

Winter Warm ups

Hi All, As many of our members drive various distances to sail at Inverloch (some more than two hours) the following video may assist with ways to limber up before hitting the water. Australian Sailing Team Physiotherapist Donna White takes you through a pre-sailing warm up and stretches for injury prevention and increased sailing performance. http://www.yachting.org.au/prevent-injuries-and-increase-sailing-performance-with-pre-sailing-stretches/ Video […]

Reef Island, Bass

Went and checked out Reef Island today on the way home. The wind was as strong as Invy, but no where as choppy. There were people sailing there too!   Sailed Reef Island yesterday, it has potential. The wind was onshore for my session, but flattened out when the winds went southerly. Unfortunately I had […]

Monkey See, Monkey Do

It was a particularly cold session today, great for BMC’s. A lot of the Invy crew were out to make the most of the first decent SW winds in a while. With low tide being early, it was the early worm go-getter’s who had great flat water to sail on. Later as the tide rose […]

Brass Monkey Challenge 2014. It’s on again.

With all the anticipation of a coming birthday celebration I awaited the 1st of June; it’s on again, BMC is here for 2014. With some new additions to my cold water wear bring on those at-dawn sessions, all for the glory of a $3 monkey. Is it worth it? Most definitely! Ask any previous winner […]

IWC Training Day 6-4-2014

Thanks to all who came and played on the IWC Training Day on the 6th of April, a time to learn some new skills or reinforce older ones. Low tide was early, and with the increasingly stronger Easterly, made for great gybe and tack practice on the short runs to the sand bank and back. Self rescue practice, […]