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Brass Monkeys Winter Speed Challenge 4 Comments

Let the craziness begin!

Who will wrestle the 2015 title from Naz’s cold and withered hands?

 Naz  1.116 2.039  1.577  1
 Kempsta  1.36 1.347  1.355  2
 DanP  0  1.44  0.77  3
 Sav  0  0.98  0.49  4
 Drift  0 0  0  5
 DazzaJ  0  0  0  5
 Fireman Sam  0  0  0  5
 Moondo  0  0  0  5
 Old Salty  0  0  0  5
 Goldie  0  0  0  5
 Gybing Joel  0  0  0  5

Enter your 2015 session below

Brass Monkeys WInter Speed Challenge 2015
  • Peak Speed (A) MINUS Peak Air Temperature (B) EQUALS... DIVIDED BY Average Windspeed (C) Ratio to 2 decimal places


2015 sees a slight tweak to the rules!

  1. The Brass Monkey will be fought out between the Southerly Busters and any Victorian GPS Teams.  The home game will be a beach designated by the team eg Swan Bay for the Connewarre Cremasters, etc
  2. There will be NO entry fee per competitors   Participants must be paid up IWC members.
  3. To register your entry, drop an email to the event organiser- Mick Green.  In the email body outline your team and a mobile contact.
  4. Away game is 75km from home beach
  5. Formula will be PEAK SPEED (in KNOTS) minus AVERAGE AIR TEMP (in ‘C) divided by AVERAGE WIND SPEED (in KNOTS)
    PEAK SPEED is 2 second peak
    AIR TEMP is average air temperature during the time of your session, based on the closest weather station to your location
    AVERAGE WIND SPEED is the average of peak/ strongest wind gusts during the time of your session, based on the closest weather station to your location.
  6. Current Brass Monkey Champion must produce Monkey talisman on request.  Failure to produce talisman will result in BMC scores being struck from the day’s competition.
  7. Taking into account 25% depreciation and wear and tear, the value of the monkey has dropped to $2.25….






Brass Monkey Champions

2014- Peter Nathan
2013- Peter Nathan
2012- Mick Green
2011- Dan Poynton
2010- Simon Chambers

  • July 26, 2015 at 1:17 amNaz

    Big crew out for an Away Game at Swan Bay today. What will the results table looks like now?

  • July 28, 2015 at 12:51 pmKempsta

    I’m comming for you NAZ!!!!

  • July 28, 2015 at 7:21 pmNaz

    Golly that’s close…

  • September 15, 2015 at 6:19 pmAndrew Kempster

    Well done Pete!!!!!

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