IWC Training Day – 12 Dec 2015

IMG_6018Well the last 2 days have reinforced exactly why Inverloch is such a great windsurfing location!

Yesterday Huey absolutely unleashed with a solid 30kt WSW wind.  A number of people got on the water, some got smashed and reports that came in mentioned that there may be a few sails up for repair as a result (and almost a brand new board after it flipped down the beach a bit).  But… what we were so close to getting yesterday was the first ever 40kt run on the inlet in the main Inverloch area.  Ado, Kato & Kempster took on the Poo Shooters run off pensioners point, Kato posted a peak speed of 38.04kts, Kempster  35.5kts while Ado got so so close…. 39.55kts!!!  But while we’re talking about yesterday, it would be remiss of me to not mention that there were 7 PBs on the water with Roy & Glenn getting 2, while Jay notched 3 PBs for the day!  Well done team!

Anyway, lets not get distracted by yesterday.

Today was our first training day for the season and as mentioned earlier in this post, Inverloch turned it on again.  Perfect conditions for training, mastering water starts, learning to carve gybe and for some getting some serious time on water!

The day started with a nice 15kt SW breeze, Pete Naz was on the water early (just for a change) and seeing him zipping around made set up pretty quick as people were keen to get out and join him.  The morning session saw most people sail, I helped Ben, Emily & David with some deep water starts & carve gybes.  It wont be long until they’re planing out of gybes after almost mastering Cribby’s ‘twist’ footwork this morning.  Young Alex came down and hit the water again, thanks to Roy’s coaching today and also participating in our Wednesday arvo junior program, she is progressing at light speed gybing & tacking with ease.  Its great to watch the juniors progress so quickly, albeit  frustrating at the same time!  Why cant us adults learn as quick as that?!! Haha.

After lunch the wind had eased a little bit, but most people got back on the water anyway.  Kato & Muffin Pete coached the arvo session for Josh & Sarah.  Like Alex in the morning session, Josh & Sarah were cruising around at leisure after a session with our IWC coaches.  Pete also gave Mark some beach starting & rig control tips.  Those present also got to witness ‘Bertha’s’ first sail on Inverloch waters.  For those that don’t know, Simmo has purchased a massive cruising longboard – its got storage inside the board and has been used to cruise the Fijian islands in the past.  It was great to see Simmo testing it out on Invy waters this arvo.

Thanks very much to our day’s volunteers.  Postie Pete for lugging everything around with his trailer; Ian for manning the BBQ and putting up with the comments & ‘suggestions’ from the bleachers; Roy, Kato & muffin man Pete for coaching.

Although it was very busy on the water with Kite Republic bringing a large number of people down, there were no incidents, everyone had fun and it was another fantastic club day.

Keep your eye on our club event calendar to keep on top of whats going on.  Our next big event is our Discover Windsurfing Day on 10th Jan.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

Cheers & Good breezes
Video below courtesy of Ido: