2016 Season in Review

iwc2016_review_screenAnother season has come & gone, and it’s gone rapidly.  Personally for me it means I now have a 1yr old daughter, but it also means that I’ve capped off my first year as Club President.

We’ve had a phenomenal year as a club.  Significant membership growth and great event participation numbers are just some of the highlights from this year.  We’re really lucky to have volunteers within the club that bring loads of value to the table.  I’d like to share this short video of season highlights that our Vice President & Media Coordinator, Mick, has put together for us.

When you look at the numbers in detail it’s amazing what we’ve been able to achieve as a club:

  • 184 paid up members – 175% of last season’s total;
  • 62 female members & 38 juniors is something that I’m personally really proud of;
  • 439 participants at club events across the season; and significantly,
  • $28,840 worth of volunteer labour costed at $35p/hrThese are all approximated hours from Sep – May
    • 204 coaching hours
    • 180 event administration hours
    • 205 event misc hours (includes set up, pack up, catering etc)
    • 235 club administration hours

Looking ahead to next year, we’re definitely keen to build on this success and keep growing as a club.  Whether we can increase membership like we have this year, I’m not sure, but we’ll give it a red hot crack.

Something that I’m conscious of is that the club is relevant to you all as members and is constantly evolving.  I believe that if you’re standing still you’re going backwards, so I’m very interested to hear any feedback and thoughts you might have that can help guide the IWC into the future.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sending out a survey to all of you as members.  This will be to gauge feedback on the events we’ve run, what events we might run in the future as well as to get ideas for club growth and sustainability into the future.  Most importantly, I’m interested to hear what you would love to do with & through the IWC.  Following that, what support can we provide you to make it happen?  I don’t want our members to like the club, I want us all to love the club and I want it to be relevant to you and how you engage with our great sport.

I know through my work with GippSport, that there are very few people in this world who love being on committees and who enjoy going to meetings.  However people are generally more than happy to help out & volunteer for their club – so please consider what this looks like for you?  We’re a unique club as it is.  We don’t have a facility, we are transient following the wind to the location with the best conditions, and we’re very much built upon a social model of sport rather than the traditional model of training once or twice per week and then competing on the weekend.  I almost consider us more of a community rather than a traditional sports club.  For me a healthy & vibrant community is one that:

  • has an open & ongoing dialogue;
  • shapes its own future;
  • embraces diversity;
  • knows itself; and,
  • connects people and resources.

This is certainly a club culture that I’m keen to grow and establish further…. if… this is what you want as our membership.

It would be remiss of me to not thank the many people who have made this season the success it has been.  Firstly the committee:

  • Mick (VP & Media)
  • Roy (secretary)
  • Rob (Treasurer)
  • Doug (Events Coordinator)
  • Pete (General Committee)

The work that these guys have put in this season has been immense.  Hours & hours of work behind the scenes to ensure that the show rolls on seamlessly.  I get the easy bit of standing up the front at the end of a successful day/event, and on this occasion at the end of a cracking season!

I also need to thank the many other people who have volunteered this season.  Carting equipment around in personal cars/utes/trailers for all of our events, setting up & packing up for the events, the huge amount of catering that’s been organised throughout the season and the coaching hours that have been put in.  Your work for the club is greatly appreciated and we wouldn’t be anywhere near the club we are today without this help.

As we look forward to next season, in 3 days’ time one of the most prestigous IWC events kicks off.  The Brass Monkey’s Challenge.  I encourage everyone to get a nice thick warm wettie, and lets see if we can knock Pete Naz off his throne and stop him from getting a 3-peat of wins.  The 2016-17 season will be upon us before we know it.

Thanks again for a great season everyone.  I look forward with anticipation to next year!

Cheers & Good sailing.