IWC 2016 Award Winners

The season has drawn to a close and its time to recognise people within the club who have contributed to making this the best windsurfing club in the world!

Club Person of the Year

Every year, we take the time to honour an individual who has made a significant contribution to club- ensuring that the IWC is the biggest and best windsurfing club in the world!!! (No bias here!)
To help with the voting the following criteria was put forward:
  • They are a role model both for & around the club
  • They put in extra time & effort
  • They are always there to help & assist
  • They act in the best interests of the club
  • They are an excellent ambassador for windsurfing & the IWC
  • They volunteer time freely and not for personal gain
  • They best display the values of the IWC

Winner – Pete ‘Postie’ Sainsbury

Pete has been a tireless volunteer this season.  His car & trailer has almost been a permanent fixture at the club storage shed collecting gear and bringing it to wherever our club events are.  Further to this, with Daz’s help, Postie built a mezzanine floor in the storage shed to re-organise our gear – and so we can actually see what we have!! haha.  At events, he has regularly sacrificed his own time on water to ensure that the events run smoothly as on the beach support.  Thanks for your help this season Postie.

Presidents Award

This season we’ve seen significant growth in our membership.  The refreshed vibe that these new members have bought to the club is great to see.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing this enthusiasm throughout the season.  From the moment that they’ve nailed their first tack or gybe, or even just managed not to fall in for a period of meters!  Its taken me back 5-6 years ago when the club was new, and further back 15-20 years when i was learning myself.

There were many candidates in my mind who would have been more than suitable for this award.  Active members, people who embody the values of the IWC, and people who are just oozing with enthusiasm for this sport.  It was a really tough decision this year and as such along with the winner, I’ve awarded 4 runners up (A cop out i know).


  • Scott Brelsford

Scotty is brand new to this sport this season and for me, absolutely embodies what the IWC & windsurfing is all about.  He’s attended almost every club event, and in true IWC form is scrounging together his own kit to get as much time on the water as possible (BTW – I’ve got a 5.4 sail you can have for a 6 pack).  I havent seen anyone come into the sport with as much enthusiasm as Scott for some time.  It’s a pleasure having him around the club and I look forward to watching & helping your sailing develop over coming seasons.

Runners Up

  • Alex Blackman
  • Piper Kempster
  • Lucia Brelsford
  • Chloe Clarke

These 4 young women have been regular attendees at our Wednesday Hump night junior program and have only taken up the sport this season.  Its been a pleasure to coach them each week and I know that these girls will continue to grow as windsurfers throughout their teen years.