New Kit

IWC recently unveiled a range of new kit…thanks to funding from Vichealth and Bass Coast Shire.

The kit included a beginner board and lightweight rig,  a sunshade, flags and PFD’s.

IWC junior member, Callan Hollins was first to try out our new Naish Kaihlia board, which we have named the “Fehlberg Flyer” in memory of our windsurfing mate, Ray.  Over the coming months, we hope to use this board to introduce people of all abilities to the joys and addictive fun of windsurfing.

The board is available for all club members to use, so come down and get it wet!!

Here’s what Callan thought of the board

The IWC’s new beginner board the Fehlberg Flyer is wonderful to ride. It is very easy to keep your balance on, its sail does not overwhelm you with weight and it maneuvres like a fish.
I highly recommend this wind surfer to anyone who would like to try out wind surfing.

 Official Fehlberg Flyer testificate Callan Hollins