JP/NP Trailer


Well just another brilliant weekend. Where do I start – BIGGGGG thanks has to go to SHQ, JP Australia and Neil Pryde for putting together this great concept with the trailer and lovely lovely toys to play with. Big thanks to Luke and Krystal for the time they spent with IWC members in coaching and discussion about equipment. Also special thanks to WV and SHQ School for loaning us some extra equipment

Even bigger thanks goes to the great IWC members that gave up heaps of there time in running and organising this event. To the coaches KATO, Simmo(BMC the First), Dan(BMC the Second), Mick, Pete and Krystal(are you a member yet!) excellent job and it was fantastic to hear the buzz from all the students as they came off the water.

To our photographer – Robbie K who is just doing a brilliant job and his quality and ability to capture those special moments is just getting better and better. To Tash, Cara and Roy giving up heaps of your time to feed the hungry hoards for breakfast and lunch. Lots of happy well feed campers. Thanks to Tash we added cake to the menu – yummy.

Sorry if I have missed anybody.

Saturday was a brilliant day for the beginners as we saw 25 male/female and kids hit the water with enthusiasm. The ease our coaches had students up and going and turning was brilliant to see as lots of happy smiles appeared on our students faces. Lunch was taken with the suggestion of a relay race out to the sand bar and back.

5 Teams of very competitive speed sailors and beginners where choosen with a challenge to bring back a cup of DRY sand from the sand bar. A lemans start was used to get the race going. Luke’s team with the RS1’s seemed to have an unfair advantage so EL Presidente was employed as a sea anchor Luke came out on a second RS1 and tried to remove the barnacle from Pete ‘s board to no avail. Dan’s team forged ahead but Lozza was employed to sit on their board to slow them down. Krystal employed a two team member crossing to help get them in the leader pac with Kato’s team in serious trouble as their first sailor drifted off coarse with the tide. Dan’s team got bragging rights with first place and last goes to Kato who had to paddle in when the wind dropped away.

The afternoon session saw the famous, much talked about, 30 year old Jet longboard hit the water. This was El Presidente’s most expensive purchase off Jerzy on ebay at $55 . It was one of the most ridden boards as the wind was 5 kts and it left the RS’1s, SUP and Light Wind boards in its wake as it glided through the water with great ease. Luke and Krystal both jumped on it together for a spin.

Sunday, everyone woke with great expectations as storms where forecast with wind of 25kts. Another 15 beginners where pushed through in the morning session as we kept a close eye on the weather fronts coming through. As we broke for lunch El Presidente stuck his neck out and predicted a 3pm hit of 20 – 25 kt winds. As 3.04pm hit and still winds of 12kts a revolution was under way, threats of mutiny, keel hauling and de throning where being discussed as El Presidente held his nerve and luckily for him as cutlasses where being drawn at 3.30pm 25 kts WSW hit the Inlet.

Beginners where quickly dragged off the water and then the intermediates and advanced came out to play. It was like Bourke street as guys and gals rocketed up the speed strip.

Highlights for me – Luke and Krystal on the Jet, Kato flying up the speed strip, Kato doing 20 kts on his Wally, Fei and Wendy holding their own in 25 kts, Flip jumping the RS1 out of the water in 25 kts, Anne learning to beach start and doing 3 in a row, kids just rocketing along and Rupert joining the club after all these years!(now to work on Matt) The weekend saw 40 beginners go through and the same number of intermediates. All in all another successful IWC event


 JAN 7TH AND 8TH 2012

Got the perfect cure for those that need to go on a diet or do a liver detox. SALT WATER. Yep, a go old dose of Anderson Inlet salt water will get you going again.

SHQ are spoiling us all by bringing the Neil Pryde and JP Australia trailer to Inverloch so we get to try out all the latest gear. SUP, RS1, Supersport and Xcite rides, beginner and intermediate kit all for us to jump on and blast away. Last year, we ran this day as a beginner Come and Try Day open to the public but as we do not have access to sufficient beginners gear, we are only running the Come and Try to club members and friends only. As spaces will be limited, you will need to BOOK IN for the beginner Come and Try.


(send us an email with you or your friends details with mobile telephone number and level you/they are at and we will allocate a time)

We are planning to run the beginners sessions as half day only on Saturday/Sunday to give our volunteers time to try gear for themselves. The Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club will be doing general patrols from the Angling Club and will be available should we require and we will need to keep out of the “No Boating” area in front of the Angling Club.

Timing 10am – 4pm both days and it would be great to see a few members there early to assist Fletch and the SHQ crew set up and stay late to pack up.

The fund raising BBQ will be going, however master chef Ian will not be available so we need a volunteer replacement. Email me please. TShirts, sunscreen and last orders for Rashies will be there also.

Catch you on the water