Invitational Race Day – Notice Of Race

Inverloch Windsurfing Club Inc.
Invitational Race Day

Notice of Race

1. Event
The IWC Invitational Race Day will be held on either 28th or 29th November

2. The event will be organised by the IWC Race Subcommittee

3. Venue
The event will be held at Inverloch, Point Henry, Swan Bay or Sandy Point depending on weather forecasts and wind directions.
Information about the location of the event will be publicized on Seabreeze, IWC facebook page on the Monday 23rd November.

4. Rules
4.1 The IWC Invitational Race Day will be governed by:-
4.1.1 The ISAF racing rules of sailing (RRS) will be used in order to manage issues of right of way during competition and adjudicate on any protests lodged during competition. The Event Manager’s decision on protests will be final.
4.1.2 The notice of race (NOR)
4.1.3 The Event Manager and Safety Officer must be obeyed at all times.
4.1.4 Competition will be held on Saturday the 28th November or Sunday 29th November between the hours of 10am – 4 pm
4.1.5 The event will only proceed when the wind reaches 10 kts and will be cancelled when the wind exceeds 30 kts
4.1.6 This event shall be a multi disciplined event dependant on the conditions
4.1.7 Women shall race together with men

5. Race Formats will include
GPS Free Race 30 minute
Drag Race
Slalom M course
Slalom Figure of 8 course

6. Acceptable GPS Devices




USB leads must be supplied

7. Eligibility
7.1 It is recommended that all competitors possess valid third party insurance, however owner onus applies. Participants in the Invitational Race Day shall agree to the disclaimer that forms part of the registration form and understands the risks inherent to windsurfing and in doing so indemnify event management for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result from participation in this event.
7.2 Competitors can only be entrants in the event once they have paid their entrance fee. Failure to do so will result in their results being withdrawn.

8. Equipment
Any equipment can be used as long as it fits the definition of a windsurfer or SUP/Sail. A limited number of longboards may be available on the day should conditions be suitable. Please request on Seabreeze or FB.

9. Buoyancy
9.1 If personal buoyancy is prescribed, each competitor shall wear, above the waist, a jacket, harness or vest with a minimum buoyancy of 4 kg uninflated

9.2 Weight jackets are permitted but must be neutrally buoyant.

10. Liability
10.1 The event is underwritten by IWC’s Public Liability Insurance. All participants once registered and entry fees paid will be covered under this policy.
10.2 It is recommended that participants join the IWC to take advantage of Yachting Australia’s Personal Accident Insurance cover
10.3 Competitors take part in the event at their own risk. The IWC, IWC Committee, IWC Race Subcommittee or any of its officials and representatives or sponsors or their officials are not responsible under any circumstances for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment or other peoples property, which may result from participation in this event.

10.4 To participate, all competitors must have signed the entry form which includes the waiver to indemnify the organisers as above.

11. Race Courses
Racing formats shall be chosen from:
GPS Freerace
Slalom M course
Slalom 8 course

or others at the discretion of the event management

12. Divisions
Given sufficient wind and competitors the event manager may establish three divisions of competition. Elite, Intermediate and Beginner.