Discover Sailing Weekend with the SHQ Trailer of Treasures

Inverloch Windsurfing Club(IWC) Discover Sailing Weekend 11th, 12th January 2014


 For the past 4 years IWC has run a Come and Try Windsurfing weekend at Anderson’s Inlet Inverloch. This year was it was great to be able to join in under the banner of our State association – Yachting Victoria.

Every year one of Melbourne’s windsurfing retailers – SHQ Boardsports –  brings a trailer full of demonstration gear with a windsurfing instructor or two.  This year was no exception with a few extra Stand UP Paddle (SUP) boards that all had windsurfing mast connections to enable a small mast and sail to be fitted.  With SHQ’s gear and IWC’s own beginner gear and instructors we were primed for action.

The weekend had over 130 registrants with an even mix of male/female with more teenagers than adults and an age range of 4 through to 72 all giving Windsurfing, WindSUPing and SUPing a try.

There was a mix of skill from those who had none at all to those who had done it 20 years ago but there was one common thread – they all wanted to experience the thrill of being driven by the wind.

IMG_0836r The Club has learnt over the years that kids teaching kids is the best approach and here is a report from one of junior members;

IWC Windsurfing Report
I feel as though, the Inverloch Windsurfing Club come and try day was a huge success.

Everyone looked like by the end of the day, happy and wanting to learn more.

As one of the instructors on the day, I taught lots of kids how to windsurf. Everyone I taught understood what I wanted them to learn and believed that they would know how to windsurf by the end of their lesson.

All of the helpers worked hard to make this day perfect and fun for everyone. The president of the IWC (Craig Hollins) made sure all the instructors knew what they would teach.

We had an awesome turn out, but we would love if more kids and adults came to learn how to windsurf. I have a good feeling about the next come and try day being even better than our last.

Big thanks to Jenny Hollins (my mum) for manning the BBQ all day, Craig Hollins (my dad) for organising such an amazing event and all the instructors for their awesome teaching skills. Also a big thanks to BJ for coming down with the trailer and teaching people how to SUP (stand up paddle boarding). I hope people always remember the skills they were taught on the day. I would say that this was one of the best days in my life.

Katelyn Hollins
13 years old