Sailing Numbers Now a Requirement on Anderson Inlet

EDITOR’S UPDATE- Noon, April 1st, 2015:  
Thanks to those members who responded to the information below.
Please read the instructions carefully, along with the date that this information was posted!

In an Australia wide first, IWC has been asked to participate in a trial of the Registration of Sailing Vessels.
The trial, run in conjunction with Bass Coast Shire, Gippsland Ports and Yachting Australia aims to ensure that individual sailing craft including windsurfers can be identified via an individual prefix and number.  The primary objective of the trial is safety…and the new system will ensure that by law officers and law enforcement agencies can distinguish and identify those which may come to their attention.
The trial will commence on 1 July and will run for a year until April 1, 2016.
All members will be contacted and provided with an Australian Registry of Sailing Entity number.
This number and the prefix ( which uses the first letter from the details underlined above) will need to affixed to every sail, as per the instructions to be provided.

Australian Registry of Sailing Entity
Minimum Height:  400mm
Colour:  Black
Affixed to second panel of sail.

5 thoughts on “Sailing Numbers Now a Requirement on Anderson Inlet

  1. Richard Hill

    I think safety comes from the judgement and education of the sailor and the way sailors look out for one another on the water. I reckon IWC is great at promoting these! I do not mind being identified but I am not convinced that I need to be, and worry that such regulation in other arenas has lead to undesirable intervention by whichever authorities are controlling the data.

  2. Doug Hocken

    Can I request a fluoro pink one please Mr Green.

  3. Ernest

    So they finally realized how hard it is to book someone for not wearing PFDs or sailing in no boating zones!

  4. Robbie K

    Good one Mick. Had me fooled for a while there. Mind you, it seems so darned plausible!

  5. George Galdin

    I also hear they’re going to have skipper licenses for all sailing vessels including kites

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