Welcome to the Inverloch Windsurfing Club

Established on a sandbar in the middle of Anderson Inlet in 2009, the Inverloch Windsurfing Club aims to bring windsurfers of all ages & abilities together to sail, have fun and in true aussie spirit, have a light hearted dig at each other whilst giggling at our mates' misfortune. The IWC prides itself on the events that we run, and the community connection that we have.  Our home of Anders...
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What do you reckon?

Thanks to those members that filled in our IWC Survey- you answers will help to guide the Club's decisions over the next 12 months. If you'd like to contribute, the survey is still open- please visit IWC Survey 2015-16   Results: How Long have you been windsurfing? What level are you at?   How would you like to see IWC spends its' time on the following tasks? ...
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NSW Roadtrip

So after getting the green light from Tash to head away for a week of sun, sand, surf and sailing with some of the IWC crew (on the basis that I make it up by taking the family to Qld for two weeks afterwards lol), I found myself as excited as a schoolboy at the prospect of heading away for my first real 'long-distance' windsurfing road trip. It didn't take much convincing to get a co-pilot i...
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Mauritius (by Colin Savage)

This July, once again I got up early on a Wednesday morning to catch a flight to Perth and then an eight-hour hop to Mauritius. Weeks of packing and repacking one board and rig and a ten metre roll of bubble wrap in preparation for 10 days on the paradise island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. This is my third trip there but it doesn’t make the decision of what size gear to take any less agonisi...
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The Motivator

The Motivator Well most of you will know I have been off the water for 6 months recovering from a bad fall windsurfing injuring my shoulder. Speaking to a few members around the Club who have suffered long term injuries it was interesting to gain their perspective on things and how they handled their return to the water. Doubts where creeping in – would the shoulder repair sufficiently for...
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GPS Logit

A few of you may have been following the seabreeze thread on the new GPS-logit app available for mobile phones http://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Windsurfing/Gps/GPS-Logit/ http://www.gps-speed.com/gpslogit.html I was speaking to the infamous Red from Geelong when I was windsurfing at Swan Bay on Father's Day and he was trialing the concept.  Here are his thoughts. By chance I had the...
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Dougie’s Winter Road Trip – Swan Bay 25th July 2015

  Well sometimes it takes a long time to recognise something you really miss! For me it was spinning my wheels waiting 7 months for my shoulder to heal when the light bulb moment occurred that I really missed the road tripping to windsurf. In the early days of the Club every weekend was a road trip to Inverloch. Don’t get me wrong, it still is for me, it is just one by one most of my ...
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Time for some Winter maintenance?

To progress in our sport we need to experiment and push ourselves and our equipment. And it happens to us all at some stage that our lovely new(ish) board gets a bit broken from the experience. A ding from a drop on a rock, an Invy sandbar encounter or, as is the case with some of us, a mast through the nose on an untimely catapult. It happens. What to do next? If your skills are a bit like mine i...
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Brass Monkey Challenge 2015

That time of year is almost upon us, the long awaited 2015 Brass Monkey Challenge. Don the winter wetsuit, brave the elements and go for the glory of the Monkey Trophy. Who will be the challengers for 2015? Who will get that lucky gust this year? What new rules will IWC graft into the equation this winter? Will Naz be able to take out a new club record, going back-to-back for the third...
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