Not So Instant Messaging!

Daz and Wendy Jepsen recently did a hike around Cape Liptrap, and in their travels came across an old rum bottle full of messages…So did it contain a pirate’s hidden treasure map or a call for SOS?  Well not quite…

The bottle was thrown overboard from the Spirit of Tasmania a month earlier…in that time it had travelled about 140 kilometres along the coast to end up at a secluded beach near the Cape.


Daz and Wendy made contact via email

“Hello over there!

Darren and Wendy from Inverloch here.

We found your bottle with all your messages. Where did you launch it from? We assume Torquay.

It was January 21, we had set out on a 2-day hike along the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park – quite remote and a very hot day. We found the bottle just past Arch Rock on a secluded beach.

Thought we’d attach a bit of info and a few photos – enjoy!



and here’s the reply…

Hello Darren & Wendy 

 Graham here – I launched it from the Spirit of Tasmania   on Dec 27  2014   at about 12 noon  after leaving from Melbourne  to go to Devenport the weather was very stormy – as I had to battle the wind and rain to through it overboard and not get caught  ( as most likely classified as littering ) 

 We all had just had a family Xmas together and I passed the bottle around and the notes were written 

 To be honest –  I thought that the bottle would be floating around the oceans for many years 

 The Bottle itself I have had for quite some years it was in a cupboard stored in my Motorhome 

Three Monkeys Rum   A absolute 5 star rum !   

 It is a real gem that you found it on your wedding anniversary   – a good Omen 

 I will forward it to all the others …Oh   The one who wrote ” Call me for Sex ” was writen my my 84 year old Dad   – a very funny guy 

 we hope you keep the bottle as a true gift 

 Stay well and enjoy “

Graham J Ablett


In the day and age of instant and targeted media, its great to see some messages that take a bit longer to get through!

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