IWC Members are a shy introverted lot, and don’t like getting their faces in front of the lens…..NOT!

Here’s a selcction of videos, made by and starring the creative folks from the Club.

    1. Windsurfing Inverloch, Victoria Australia
      Posted by Roy Worner
    2. Brass Monkeys
      Posted by Drift
      Segment compiled for ABC Open- 110 Percent Project
    3. The Long Drive
      Posted by Drift

      Segment for ABC Open- 110 Percent Project using footage from Roy Worner
    4. A Quick Word with Kai Lenny
      Posted by Drift
    5. The Long Way
      Posted by Drift
    6. Anderson Inlet Air
      Posted by Drift
    7. IWC Tarwin Mis-Adventure
      Posted by Drift
    8. Women on Windsurfers 2015
      Posted by Kato
    9. Tarwin Marathon
      Posted by Drift


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