Club Legends

Inverloch Windsurfing Club recognises individuals who promote and develop our highly addictive sport.  The following members have been officially awarded “legend” status:


Allison Shreeve

In November 2009, Allison was made an esteemed honourary member of the club for Guts, Determination,
Courage and Inspiration in the promotion and development of our sport.
Awarded November 2009

Listen to Interview with Allison on our podcast page!


Craig “Kato” Hollins

Kato received legend status after his world record distance attempt in 2010.  Over 540 km’s in a single day!
Awarded December 2010



Honour Role
The honour role of club members who have selflessly contributed to the betterment of the Club


  • Megan Cavill
  • Stephen Coward
  • George Galdin
  • Belinda McCauley
  • Glen McCauley
  • Susan Retallick
  • John Rohrsheim
  • Marcus Schnell
  • Richard Slator
  • Simon Chambers
  • Bev Chambers
  • Tash Worner
  • Josh Worner
  • Joel Worner
  • Ian Fenney
  • Cara Fenney
  • Craig Hollins

The Club thanks them for their contribution of serving on committee and in return they get the President’s wind guarantee and a parking position at the Angling Club carpark whenever they go windsurfing.