It’s Official … IWC receives VicHealth Active Club Grant

It is with great pride that I can announce that our club has been successful in receiving just under $2500 as part of VicHealth’s Active Club Grant scheme.

For over 20 years, VicHealth has provided support via Active Club Grants, to local sports clubs to:

  • Encourage and increase participation opportunities in physical activity for those who are currently inactive or traditionally encounter barriers to participation by providing equipment or training; and
  • Improve the safety of sporting and active recreation environments and reduce the likelihood of injury while engaging in physical activity.

The Inverloch Windsurfing Club has been successful in its application for $2467.

With our sport being traditionally a summer sport and with the added difficulty of us not having access to club rooms, over exposure to the sun is a big issue for our members to consider.  As part of this new funding we will be purchasing a portable sun shade/marquee that will be used at all club events providing shelter and protection from the sun, regardless of where we sail, for our club members.

Off the back of successfully supporting GippSport by providing windsurfing lessons to people with disability for International Day of People with Disability in December last year, and as a result of our numerous over subscribed beginner clinics throughout the summer, we have also successfully applied to have funded a brand new beginners board and rig combo.  The purchase of this new equipment will allow our club to continue developing and providing opportunity’s for people with disability, junior’s and women to hopefully take up our great sport.

Congratulations to the club committee in its successful application.