Gritty Truth…its more than just good reading

In the corporate world, we are constantly told that innovation is the key to success….This season, the creative team at IWC asked Old Salty to fund (out of his immense wealth) a development project which looked at how to adapt The Gritty Truth into new markets and demographics.

After cleaning out Old Salty’s bank account, it is with great pleasure that we show you the results of at least 3 minutes of work.  With great fanfare, we present to you-

101 uses for the Gritty Truth- Part One….



With global warming now a given, exposure to the sun is dangerous.  After extensive research, the team at the Inverloch Windsurfing Research Institute have come up with new Sun Protector ™ functionalty.  With a few crafty folds, the next edition of the Gritty Truth Issue 7 can be fashioned into a fancy looking hat.  Not only does it look great, it also stops those nasty rays cooking your brain!

Hurry, I desperately need a newspaper hat…take me to the new edition of the Gritty Truth-