Longboard Challenge 2014 Event Wrap Up

They say that if you keep trying long enough, you get to become an expert…

No truer a statement can be applied to the Longboard Challenge.
Now in its fifth year, its clear to see some entrants have become experts……at well….I’m not quite sure!

A glorious day with blue skies and a light east to south east breeze greeted this year’s competitors.

After a few “operational matters” (Pete J bought a complete One Design for $1, and Ern paid the judge off with small denomination bills), and it was all systems go!

There was some formidable pedigree in some of the teams that lined up this year.  The Southerly Pit Crew contained three World Champion speed sailors (Kato- Longest 24 hour distance, Peter- Fastest Vegan and Daffy- Australian Representative at Luderitz, 2013).  But none of these credentials made any difference once the flag went down for the Le Mans start!!!  Team Core-rupt used an upwind starting strategy to burst from the blocks, round the mark first and get back to the beach unchallenged.  The battle for second and third place saw some impressive dodging, some strong tackles and some questionable defensive work- with the Southerly Pit Crew just pipping Team Donkey at the line.

The day before, the chief judge (and lynchpin and inspirational leader of ethics and morals) had planted 5 numbered IWC stickers around the Angling Club area for the Treasure Hunt activity.  Strangely enough, the stickers appeared to have mysteriously moved during the event….This didn’t stop an enthusiastic hunt, with Mel from Team Donkey dragging her daughter Trinity, through the unchartered scrub after she saw a hint of something white in the branches….it turned out to be a plastic bag!

This year saw some other extraordinary achievements- mainly in the Longboard Speed Challenge.  The Southerly Pit Crew clocked up an impressive top speed of 69.64 knots.  They were obviously playing a team game- since all 7 GPS they submitted had exactly the same speed on them.  For some strange reason, Glenn Matthew’s car was making a strange ticking sound and the engine seemed warm.  The surprise package was Team Core-Rupt who  managed a very impressive 70.31 knots….not bad for a Volkswagon Transporter….err, SUP with a 6.6!



Aside from the usual hi jinks, this year, for the first time, we saw the inclusion of a windsurfing zebra.  Once again the Latte Challenge proved to be hotly contested.  Crews made a mad dash to Beaches and Cream cafe to order a beverage before bringing it to the Inlet and sailing across to Point Smythe and back.  With a light Easterly wind and a strong outgoing tide, it was hard work.  Team Donkey made the best of it, whilst at one stage, the Southerly Pit Crew were looking like they were heading towards King Island -perhaps for some cream??? (this would have got them a 10 point bonus).


The sand sculptures were absolutely amazing!.  The Club’s kids did all of the designing and overseeing- making sure the adults did the grunt work.  The  creatures that grew from the sand- a dog sleeping on a longboard and a giant octopus were fantastic!


Once again, it was great to get together as a group, share some laughs, do a bit of sailing, enjoy a free BBQ (thanks to Roy for cooking up a storm) and hang out on the beach…
Isn’t that what it is all about???



Team Core-Rupt- 23400 points
(Sherelee, Simon, Ern, Deb)

The Southerly Pit Crew- 19500 points
(Andrew, Craig, Pete, Katelyn, Jayden, Glenn, Joel, Doug)

Team Donkey- 19500 points
(Pete, Mel, Trinity, Shaun, Blayde, Shaz)

The Tinkerbells- 17900 ish points
(Paul, Wanda, Summer, Roxi)



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