Old Salty, our Retiring President Nominated for Sport & Recreation Victoria Award

If for some reason you’ve been under a rock these past few months you may not have heard but our former esteemed leader has retired from the presidency.

As the clubs foundation leader the  committee thought long and hard about a fitting tribute to ‘Old Salty’ as he takes up a newly formed position on the IWC committee as past president, aiding new president Kato to steer the club off onto bigger and better things.  Now we thought of all sorts of things, an award for continuing to set the standard for best catapult – week in/week out, an award for person to spend the least amount of Time On Water at club events due to not shutting up (geez he can talk!!)!!  But no, none of these were sufficient.

So instead, we’re proud to announce that we’ve nominated Doug for the following:


Doug’s nomination is in the category: 2013 Community Coach, Administrator, Referee or Official of the Year.  We were asked to answer three questions in 200 words or less.  Following is our submission to Sport & Recreation Victoria on why we think, Doug ‘Old Salty’ Hocken should be the 2013 Community Administrator of the year:

A. Briefly describe the nominee, their involvement in sport and recreation and why they have been nominated for this award?
Doug Hocken is the Inverloch Windsurfing Clubs foundation President.  Windsurfing is traditionally a nomadic and socially isolated sport, through Doug’s leadership and determination, an idea that was just thrown around and joked about on a sand bar in 2007 has grown into the formation of a windsurfing club that is recognised as the largest and most established in its governance structure in Australia.

What separates Doug from other Administrators is his passion and advocacy for our sport – in particular the IWC and further, the town of Inverloch – our location of Anderson Inlet.  Doug has tirelessly promoted our club worldwide, through this we’ve had Inverloch recently rated within the top 50 flat water locations for windsurfing in Surfer today online magazine (http://www.surfertoday.com/windsurfing/9199-the-best-flat-water-spots-in-the-world).  Last year, Doug secured Guy Cribb the worlds best instructor from the UK to run clinics for the IWC, and having loved the place and the club so much Guy is coming back for the 2013-14 season.  Finally our crazy winter event, the Brass Monkeys challenge, which through Doug’s promotion went viral and our video ended up on air on ABC2 and News24 TV network, as well as online in Boards Magazine: http://boards.mpora.com/news/brass-monkeys.html

B. What makes the nominee unique and special?
Sacrificing his own time on water, Doug ensures he speaks to every person, member or not, about what is happening around the club, and most importantly with that particular individual.  he has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, at the sacrifice of his own business and time with his family, promoting the joys of windsurfing to the broader community.

Ensuring the sustainability of our club led him to oversee the decision IWC made to buck the trend and affiliate with Yachting Victoria (a recognised SSA) rather than Windsurfing Victoria and the Australian Windsurfing Association (as unrecognised SSA/NSOs).  This led to the club having support to establish a development stream for our members and has opened the door to grant & funding opportunities that otherwise would not have been available.

His voice as an advocate has seen the IWC represented in discussions with local & state water-use management policies, as well as securing access to 24/7 public liability insurance which our sport hasn’t had access to for over a decade.

Whilst Doug’s work goes unrewarded in terms of material benefits, his nature allows his reward to have been the establishment of a successful sports club that he is immensely proud.

C. How has the nominee been a role model and had a positive influence on others?
Doug has been an exceptional foundation president.  Under his leadership he has set high standards for the administration of the club.  he has provided an opportunity for committee members to develop their individual management and leadership skills in areas such as risk management, event management, public relations, training & development as well as media promotion.

Under his leadership the IWC has been proactive in trying to set best practice examples to other clubs in the region by:

  • Signing up to VicHealth’s Healthy Sporting Environments program;
  • Actively worked with GippSport’s AAA program in providing opportunities for people with disability to try windsurfing;
  • Encouraged & mentored female participation on the club committee and encouraged these individuals to successfully run a ‘women on water’ day trying to increase the percentage of female members in the club;
  • Been successful in attaining Bass Coast Council Community Grant and a VicHealth Active Club Grant to purchase specialised equipment to enable our beginner members to improve exponentially under the club’s coaches.

Doug’s legacy with the IWC will be one of striving to achieve high standards around participation and developing a welcoming environment within the club that will see the IWC flourish into the future.

NOTE: This morning 8th Nov we have received an email from Sport & Recreation Victoria:

Thank you for submitting a nomination for the Victorian Government’s 2013 Community Sport and Recreation Awards.

We received 200 nominations across the seven Award categories and the difficult judging process of selecting the winners and finalists is now underway.

The Awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held at the MCG on 4 December 2013.  We will be contacting all finalists in the next few weeks with invitations to attend the night.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to recognise and encourage significant contributions made by Victorians in shaping our community sport and recreation landscape.


 Susan George

Director, Community Sport and Recreation, Sport and Recreation Victoria

Fingers crossed, lets hope Old Salty gets the recognition he deserves!!  Better keep that night the 4th Dec free Doug, because if it was up to us, you’d be a certainty!!! Congratulations Doug!!!

IWC joins VicHealth’s Healthy Sporting Environments Program

In line with the IWC’s history of looking for ways to progress our club to stand out from the pack, last night our committee voted in favor of signing up to the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments program.

The program which is available to regional clubs across Victoria, is limited to just fifty clubs in the Gippsland Region –  only twelve in South Gippsland/Bass Coast.  Our committee will work with GippSport to develop the club in six areas that create a healthy club.  These are:

  • Responsible use of alcohol;
  • UV protection;
  • Healthy eating;
  • Reducing tobacco use;
  • Inclusion for all; and,
  • Injury prevention and management.

IWC club development officer, Dan Poynton indicated that the committee was excited about the opportunities this program would bring.

“Our club has joined the Healthy Sporting Environments program to ensure that the current committee and the rest of our members are up to date with the best practices in community sport.  Further to this, being part of this program ensures that our club provides a top quality environment in which members can participate. Sports clubs are more than just places that promote physical activity – they’re also places where the community gathers and are ideal for promoting health and wellbeing.  I think its a great fit for our club” 

VicHealth have funded the program for 2 years and our committee will work with our local GippSport coordinator to progress through the modules, at a pace that suits us.  The club is excited at the range of opportunities that being part of this program will bring, such as subsidised training opportunities for club members, merchandise pertaining to the different modules as well as other incentives & bonuses along the way.

We look forward to keeping you all up to date with our progress, feel free to chat to any of the committee about the program if you have any questions.  We hope that you start to notice some small changes as we progress through the program to make our club one of the best ‘Healthy Sporting Environments’ in Bass Coast!!

A Quick Word with Kai Lenny

Last week, IWC’s Investigative Reporter (and RPS’s own big kahuna)- Warwick Lee, ventured out in front of the camera, and grabbed 10 minutes with all round water legend Kai Lenny.  Kai was on a whirlwind visit of our shores and was extremely generous in the giving of his time.    The interview focussed on windsurfing- what it all means, and where it might be heading.




NB:  Drift Media can not confirm or deny that Warwick Lee is seeking his own hard hitting interview show with several of the networks……

IWC hits the airwaves

IWC was recently interviewed by ABC Gippsland.   ABC Open Producer, Rachael Lucas, visited us for a weekend, and captured interviews with a few club members.

A short snippet was broadcast on ABC Gippsland on Sunday 2nd September, and it received a great response- with members of the public ringing in to say they really enjoyed the segment.  IWC’s resident film maker- Mick Green was also featured on the ABC Open Gippsland blog.

IWC will also feature in 2 television segments for the ABC 110% project.


The segments- Brass Monkeys and The Long Drive are available for viewing on our IWC-TV page.

Listen to the segment on our PODCAST page


KA signs up an IWC Southerly Buster!

After only his first season of sailing, IWC is proud to report that our youngest Southerly Buster – Joel Worner, is now officially a KA Sails Ambassador!!

Joel had the opportunity to try a new KA Kaos 4.7 (courtesy Mick Green), and Joel wrote an email to Peter Weitenberg of KA Sails letting them know how much he enjoyed using the sail.  This was featured on KA’s Facebook page with a small article and photo.

This was followed up with a recent session at our sunny home waters of Anderson Inlet.  On a KA Kaos 4.7 / JP 160 X-cite and with some last minute tips from Mick Green, Joel rocketed to a 2sec PB of 18.55kn’s, sending him to 3rd overall in Australia (GPS Team Challenge / Age Group).  The IWC Club Media Officer then spoke with KA Sails to discuss the possibility of supporting our youngest speedster, and KA kindly agreed to endorse Joel as part of their KA-Team.

With thanks to the many club and ‘borrowed’ instructors; Mick, Dan, Simon, Red & Kato and all the other helpful IWC members, young Joel has a bright future in windsurfing.



(proud dad!)




Check out Joel in action on our IWC-TV page

Press Release-Inverloch Speed Invitational- Fastly Approaching!

Over the last few weeks, the rain, hail, and bitterly cold winds have suggested that Winter is on its way.  And while many South Gippsland residents are happy to stay inside and turn the heater up, a bunch of slightly crazy speed sailors from the Inverloch Windsurfing Club have decided to host a Speed Competition on the last weekend in May.

For those not familiar with the sport, speed sailing is a relatively new aspect of extreme sailing that involves windsurfers collecting data about their speeds via GPS.  The type of information that is recorded includes the fastest speed for the session, the fastest nautical mile and the longest session.  Sailors then upload the data to a website, where they compete with other sailors from all over the world.

The Inverloch Speed Invitational is the brainchild of Inverloch Windsurfing Club member and local resident, Dan Poynton.  “Over the past few years GPS speed sailing has really taken off and there is a strong presence in Victoria, with 4 GPSTC teams”, says Mr Poynton.  “With Anderson Inlet providing such good conditions for a variety of sailing styles I thought a speed event where we would invite competitors from all over the country would be great fun, plus it would show off our “home track” to other sailors, and display how good this place is for windsurfing.”.

Running an event that brings in people from all over Australia is not an easy process.  With this in mind, Dan, and the Inverloch Windsurfing Club enlisted the support of the Inverloch Tourism Association to help with the development of the event.  ITA President Dom Brusamarello further explains.  “The ITA is thrilled to be associated with the IWC in supporting the inaugural Invitational Speed Challenge. We see it as a “good fit” in promoting water based activities on the Inlet, due to the Club’s positive, proactive, welcoming culture and a desire to be involved in the community,”

Inverloch Windsurfing Club president, Doug “Old Salty” Hocken is also keen to show off his local spot to the rest of the windsurfing community.  “The shifting sands on the Inlet always provide opportunities for us to discover that new secret spot that no one else has sailed before” says Mr Hocken.  “The waters are pristine, the coastline stunning and to be spoilt with grassed rigging areas is just brilliant.   It is a great feeling to know that the township is behind the Club and supporting us in this new venture.  You never know, but perhaps this is the start of getting Inverloch back to the Windsurfing Mecca status it had during the 1980’s”

The event gets under way on Anderson Inlet at 10 am on Saturday 28th May, and hopes are high that the Speed Invitational will become a regular occurrence.  “ We believe this will grow into an annual event & are working with the club to develop more Windsurfing events”, says Dom Brusamarello, ITA President.  When asked if he was participating in the event and joining the fool-hardy sailors on the chilly waters on the Inlet, Mr Brusamarello was somewhat guarded.  “Participating is a strong word” he stated,  “Come & Try sounds like a possibility, but staying on the shore, warm, dry and sane sounds more likely!”.


Photos courtesy of White Caps Photography


News Flash- Inverloch Speed Invitational

Registrations Open for the Inverloch Speed Invitational- 28-29th May

A new event on the calendar!

The Invitational is a weekend-long speed challenge. It is open to all GPSTC sailors, as well as anyone else who’d like to have a go.

Thanks to The Inverloch Tourism Association, cash prizes are on offer for the sailors who have the highest 5X10 average over the two days of competition.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three competitors in each division as follows:
Division A, B & C
1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: Sponsors Prize
Division D (Come’n’Try Division)
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place: Sponsors Prize

We will also be having a ‘Nearest the Pin’ competition. Competitors will be asked to guess before competition an estimate 5 x 10 sec average for over the weekend, and the competitor that is closest to this will be deemed the winner.
Nearest the Pin 1st Place: $100

For the ISI, there will be a social event on Saturday night (28th May) which will include dinner and entertainment as well as the notification of the anonymous top 5 postings of that days competition. The social event will double as the season closer for the Inverloch Windsurfing Club.

Inverloch and Anderson inlet has all the makings of a classic windsurfing venue. The waters of Anderson Inlet can provide fantastic bump’n’jump, freeride blasting and speed sailing, depending on a variety of weather and tidal conditions. The surf beach and mouth of the inlet offers some great intermediate wave sailing opportunities as well. There are a range of accommodation packages available.

More Info?