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Free Race Series- Race 1

The day started with blue skies, puffy white clouds scudding across the sky, and the wind around 20 knots in exactly the right direction. It was even reasonably warmish. Some we're already rigging by 10am and over the next half hour more rolled up, until we had enough for a GPS race. In spite of the considerable amount of new gear on display, the weather held. The gods were with us. Craig and I...
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Core Boardsports Introduction to Wavesailing with Nick Moloney

Core Boardsports Introduction to Wavesailing with Nick Moloney at Inverloch 23rd February   For those who don't know him, Nick Moloney is a very well-known and well-respected international adventurer of the seas. You only have to type his name into a web search engine to find out the extent of his exploits.   I first met Nick on the phone when I bought a second-hand sail from...
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