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Invitational Race Day No.2

Inverloch Windsurfing Club GPS Freerace Day No.2 Well I am going to start this report off with the statement I normally leave to the end – What an awesome group of volunteer helpers I have! Yep it’s true and no more evident than in our latest event. Mobiles were buzzing and emails were zipping through the webby thingy to make this happen for about 3 weeks beforehand. Big thanks to Postie Pet...
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The Motivator

The Motivator Well most of you will know I have been off the water for 6 months recovering from a bad fall windsurfing injuring my shoulder. Speaking to a few members around the Club who have suffered long term injuries it was interesting to gain their perspective on things and how they handled their return to the water. Doubts where creeping in – would the shoulder repair sufficiently for...
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GPS Logit

A few of you may have been following the seabreeze thread on the new GPS-logit app available for mobile phones http://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Windsurfing/Gps/GPS-Logit/ http://www.gps-speed.com/gpslogit.html I was speaking to the infamous Red from Geelong when I was windsurfing at Swan Bay on Father's Day and he was trialing the concept.  Here are his thoughts. By chance I had the...
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Dougie’s Winter Road Trip – Swan Bay 25th July 2015

  Well sometimes it takes a long time to recognise something you really miss! For me it was spinning my wheels waiting 7 months for my shoulder to heal when the light bulb moment occurred that I really missed the road tripping to windsurf. In the early days of the Club every weekend was a road trip to Inverloch. Don’t get me wrong, it still is for me, it is just one by one most of my ...
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Road trip anyone??

New club member David Howe sent this feedback to us after the Cribby In Tuition Clinic...   Hi Doug / All, Thanks for the fantastic windsurfing session and all the entertainment and food. Guy's instruction was fantastic and I look forward to the next session !!! If any of you find yourselves up Ballarat way feel free to get in contact with us and we will help you out location wise. ...
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Hurricane Cribb has Passed!

Yep – the third time he has run his INtuition @ INverloch and nothing changes. Guy operates at 150kph and sweeps all in his path like a passing storm.  “Teaching windsurfing and fun times in exotic locations around the world” he flashes his boyish smile “it’s my job, tough gig but hey someone has to do it!”  And do it he does. He hits the ground running or cycling in this case up to clin...
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Discover Windsurfing 10th and 11th January

  Anderson Inlet Angling Club carpark 10 - 4 pm Saturday 10th January and Sunday 11th January In conjunction with Yachting Australia and SHQ Boardsports, our club coaches will be providing tuition to introduce people to this addictive sport. A great time to introduce your friends to the stoke of windsurfing The club will be providing its fleet of beginner windsurfers for teach...
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Road Tripping

For me it has been: Port Macquarie, Robe, Raymond Island, Warrnambool, Portland, Lorne, Hazelwood Pondage, Paynesville, Point Henry, Lake Connewarre, Swan Bay, Sanctuary Point, Sandy Point and of course Inverloch. I guess it all starts with a bit of day dreaming.  I wonder what this place would be like or listening to others that had been before you.  Generally it’s all the same vibe.  “...
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Yachting Victoria 2014 Media Award Mick Green

Off we went to the Yachting Victoria 2014 Awards night with wives and boys dressed to the nines (Mick commented he was going to wear his 2/3 wetty but could not fit a bow tie to it!) at Sandringham Yacht Club with 350 other people. An amazing facility and spectacularly decked out as we climbed the spiral staircase to the top floor. Dreams of Inverloch Club house came to mind! This was the ...
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