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Mauritius (by Colin Savage)

This July, once again I got up early on a Wednesday morning to catch a flight to Perth and then an eight-hour hop to Mauritius. Weeks of packing and repacking one board and rig and a ten metre roll of bubble wrap in preparation for 10 days on the paradise island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. This is my third trip there but it doesn’t make the decision of what size gear to take any less agonisi...
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Weather Will Never Worry the Women on Windsurfers!

Women Windsurfers’ Event: Confessions of the Event Organisers It was raining in Melbourne as Fei and Lou - “the Event organisers” headed towards Inverloch for the Club’s third women’s windsurfing day. Their conversation went something like: “I keep seeing our names as ‘Event Organizers’ but I haven’t done a thing.  Have you?” “No!” That’s our first confession... The second was tha...
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Getting ready for Open Season!

Now that the new season is open, it’s time to grab the board and rig out of storage, pack the wetsuit and towel and head straight to Invy right?   Whilst this may work for the majority of  sailors out there, each season I can recall being asked questions like, ”Can I borrow a screwdriver to tighter my fin?” or “My downhaul rope just broke, do you have a spare one?”   As a clu...
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Road Trip to Burrum

I’m always keen to support other club's events and the Burrum Windfest has always been on the wish list. Warm weather, SE trade winds and a 4km long speed bank. So this year it was time to convince the family that it was time to do a road trip into the sunshine. Peter and Lari were also keen for a road trip so it became a Pit Crew adventure.  We left home at 5pm as Jen had work commitments and jus...
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End of Season Bash/ Time Warp Trivia Event wrap up!

On Saturday night,(24th May) IWC turned on the time machine and dialled the settings for fun. We had the pleasure of around 40 guests for the End of Season Bash. The night started with an amazing fire-twirling display performed by Jayden, one of the club's new up and coming juniors. Jayden dazzled us for about 10 minutes and was the perfect preview of just how much the Trivia would heat up later...
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IWC End of Season Bash!

  Your invited to the biggest IWC End of Season Bash ever! We have hired out the Angling Club hall for the night and packed it full of fun and games, as well as putting on a roast dinner. Come sail the whole weekend and party on Saturday night with us. All the details are in the flyer below. Don't forget to RSVP to let us know you are coming!       ...
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Australia Day 2013 on the Inlet.   What does Australia Day mean to you? For me Australia Day means celebrating everything that makes us “Fair Dinkum Aussies”. Sun, Sandy beaches, Snags on the BBQ, Beach Cricket, and the chance to share the day with great friends.   The day began with the traditional raising of the Aussie flag onto the Angling Club flagpole, and it was soon...
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