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2016 Season in Review

Another season has come & gone, and it's gone rapidly.  Personally for me it means I now have a 1yr old daughter, but it also means that I've capped off my first year as Club President. We've had a phenomenal year as a club.  Significant membership growth and great event participation numbers are just some of the highlights from this year.  We're really lucky to have volunteers within the c...
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Longboard Challenge

  Only a week to go and the challenges have been announced!   The Longboard Challenge.  Buy an old longboard online for $100.  Grab some friends and family and have fun doing Mick's challenges. “Rules- What Rules?” The Longboard Challenge has established itself as the most corruptly biased event on the calendar- with judges frequently accepting cash bribes to ensure ...
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What do you reckon?

Thanks to those members that filled in our IWC Survey- you answers will help to guide the Club's decisions over the next 12 months. If you'd like to contribute, the survey is still open- please visit IWC Survey 2015-16   Results: How Long have you been windsurfing? What level are you at?   How would you like to see IWC spends its' time on the following tasks? ...
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Sailing Numbers Now a Requirement on Anderson Inlet

EDITOR'S UPDATE- Noon, April 1st, 2015:   Thanks to those members who responded to the information below. Please read the instructions carefully, along with the date that this information was posted! In an Australia wide first, IWC has been asked to participate in a trial of the Registration of Sailing Vessels. The trial, run in conjunction with Bass Coast Shire, Gippsland Ports and ...
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Not So Instant Messaging!

Daz and Wendy Jepsen recently did a hike around Cape Liptrap, and in their travels came across an old rum bottle full of messages...So did it contain a pirate's hidden treasure map or a call for SOS?  Well not quite... The bottle was thrown overboard from the Spirit of Tasmania a month earlier...in that time it had travelled about 140 kilometres along the coast to end up at a secluded beach nea...
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Discover Windsurfing Weekend

Wow1  What a turn out! Over 130 people came down to the Angling Club over the weekend and had a go at Windsurfing....and its fair to say that more than a few left totally hooked! A fantastic two days of fun, wind, waves and laughter Thanks to Yachting Victoria for the showbags and SHQ Boardsports for providing a truckload full of Wind/ SUP equipment.   Special thanks needs to...
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